The Note #4 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction


Sarah raced down the road. She had already been through a red light, her mind played a little warning reminder about the promotion she had been trying to get but she batted the fleeting thought away. Her little brother Danny was in that gold car up ahead and she had to get to him.

As another traffic light flickered from orange to red, Sarah put her foot down then glanced at the car about to cross her, an elderly couple sat in it, she would easily get past them. Just as she made midway across the junction, a cyclist appeared in front of her. It must have been down the side of the old couple’s car and Sarah hadn’t seen it. She stomped on the brake and swerved the car causing it lock into a spin. A lorry on the other side of the road stamped on his brakes as Sarah spun into his lane, the screeching sound of the brakes echoed across the buildings surrounding them and Sarah closed her eyes awaiting the impact.

When nothing but car horns and a strange silence filled her ears Sarah opened her eyes. The elderly couple and the lorry driver were both climbing out their vehicles. Sarah followed. Her heart pounding as she noticed the young man on the bike laid on the middle of the road. As Sarah walked towards him, she noticed his backpack laid in front of her car, she lifted it from the ground surprised at its weight. She took her phone from her pocket and dialled an ambulance, her mind on automatic pilot the police procedure for reporting the accident to the emergency services took over. As she hung up, she noticed the lorry driver on the phone too. Sarah gulped as she stood in front of the young man, her heart began to pound as he began to move. A mumbling sound came from his throat.

“I am PC Sarah Bradley, you have been in a car accident try not to move. An ambulance will be here soon.” She looked down at the blood coming from his head. Another noise came from his throat.

“Can you tell me your name?” She asked looking around. The lorry driver and couple were now making their way towards her. The young man lifted himself up a little and the startling blue eyes that stared back at her took Sarah aback.

“Crazy Bitch”. The words came out in a slur but it was clear what he said.

“I…I’m so sorry.” Sarah began to stand back up as the couple came towards her.

“Hey, stay away from him.” The old man shouted towards her.

“It’s okay. I’m a police officer… It was just an accident…” Sarah began but the old man was already shaking his head at her.

“You’re a looney, that’s what you are. Driving like that.” Before the old man, finished sirens seemed to fill the hostile air.

“Come to lock you up.” The old man said snarling and pointing his finger at her. His other arm wrapped protectively around his wife.

Sarah turned and made her way to her car, climbing into the driving seat. She couldn’t catch Danny now. She would need a miracle to find the gold car. She didn’t have time to hang around here either. Not while someone was after Danny. Sarah glanced around at the young man now sitting up. His blood smeared face visible to her. The ambulance was seconds away for him and there was nothing she could do to help him now.

Her mind made up she put the key in the accelerator turning the ignition. As Sarah moved into gear, a police car pulled across the lane in front of her, stopping abruptly. As the police officer began climbing out the car, Sarah’s heart was pounding in her chest. Her mind replaying all she could lose, her job, her life but most important her brother. When the officer turned towards her Sarah sighed. It was Jeff one of the few male officers at the station who actually had the time of day for her. Behind them, the ambulance had parked up and the crew were loading the young man onto a stretcher.

“So, what do we have here, Sarah?” Jeff said as Sarah stepped out of the car.

“You honestly don’t want to know, Jeff!” Sarah managed to say and then burst into tears.

This is a continued short story from:

The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction.

The Note #2 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

The Note #3 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

I have never written in the detective/mystery genre before so just having a bit of a dabble. I hope people enjoy. Any feedback greatly appreciated. KL

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A Friend Shows Up – This was written in response to Friday Fiction prompt brought to you by  ronovanwrites

Ronovan also has a great post on GL & PSS to help improve your writing.
My stats for this post are: Word Count: 734 Words, GL: 4.7 and Passive: 0%

9 thoughts on “The Note #4 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

  1. Oh my God I don’t know why but I thought the cyclist was going to be Danny! That she killed him or something!? Morbid little mind….
    Getting really good, can’t wait to see how she digs herself out of this!

    1. Haha! Do you know I nearly wrote that – spooky – but couldn’t think how to tie it in with the previous post. Aww thank you for the kind compliment. Yeah hoping Ronovan’s going to throw something my way next week as at the moment I have no idea – lol. KL ❤

    1. Thank you very much athling2001. Pleased you are enjoying it. It’s not a genre I have ever written in so having fun with it. KL ❤

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