Do you ever google spelling or grammar?

I used to be quite confident in my spelling but either I get worse at it each year or I’m more aware of my mistakes, either way, the confidence is gone!

We use some American products at work, so I sometimes accidentally use Americanised English.

I do use Grammarly add-in which is excellent and captures a lot of typos but I’ve never found a fool-proof spell-checker (does such a thing exist).

My most recent Google – is it a historic or an historic?

Well, I lived in Yorkshire for many years and they probably would say istoric – lol.

Take Care.

KL ❤


I think I’ve discovered my inner serial killer 😱.

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy weeding. Pulling those pesky plants out, ideally roots and all but some do evade me. Then leaving them on the path a while to shrivel and die.

It’s quite satisfying! If not, borderline maniacal 😆.

On a side note, I have a ton of gooseberries at the lottie this year. Any ideas what to do with them? I’ve had a Google but nothings jumped out at me and I don’t want to waste a lot of time making something that tastes terrible!

Take Care


It’s all


A family member shared the following with me today and I think the words are just too beautiful not to share:

I think it’s brave that you get up in the morning when your heart aches and life is messy and you do not feel like being soft for the world.

I think it is brave that you continue to love, and express, and open your soul despite the way you were treated in the past.

I think it is brave that you keep on going, that you keep believing in something more, something bigger when you don’t even know what it is what you’re hoping for.

I think it is brave that you fight, I think it’s brave that you choose every day, to move forward – that’s what makes you strong … That is what makes you strong!

~ Bianca Sparacino ~ ❤️

With Love from KL Caley

Wonka time!

Name that movie?

I adored this movie as a child. I watched it over and over. My gran used to always buy me a big galaxy bar for Christmas and I used to devour it, feeling like I was one of the kids from the movie.

I adored the book too. Actually I adored all of Roald Dhal’s childrens books (except James and the giant peach, never a fan of that one). I regularly had one book or another borrowed from the library, then Nestle did a wonderful thing, a free Roald Dahl book with every cereal box! It was a dream come true.

My OH is not a big reader per se but when I asked him who his favourite author was and you guessed it, he replied Roald Dhal (he’s actually read one of his adult novels too).

So when I was wandering around Largs last week, I popped into a traditional sweet shop and these little bars beamed back at me. Hubby was delighted when presented with the little treat.

Do you have a favourite childhood movie?

Take care.

KL 🍫

Let’s hear it for the Hudson

Normally when I do the weekly #writephoto round-up, I give a little info about the image and its origins. I had a more important message to share this week so missed giving over the details but the wonderful Di, from Pensitivity noticed and prompted me for more info on the photo.

Plane – Image by KL Caley

This remarkable plane is a WW2 Hudson plane replica statue situated at Silloth-on-Solway. It’s a beautiful statue and all the flowerbeds around it are stunning too. Built to commemorate the town’s involvement in WW2.

Tragically, a large number of Lockheed Hudson aircraft and their crews, who had crashed during take-off or approach to the wartime airfield of Silloth ended up in the Solway, resulting in it being renamed locally as ‘Hudson Bay’.  A moving poem entitled ‘Hudson Bay’ was written by Tim Barker.

There is a wonderful website here – https://sillothairfield.wordpress.com/ which captures a lot about the history and people’s stories (with drawings, images, etc too). Well worth a browse and my applause goes to all involved, the stories area particularly is very moving.

Take Care All.

KL ❤

#Writephoto Round-Up – Mushrooms & Planes

Firstly, I would like to start by saying a great big thank you to everyone who has been participating in my challenges over the last few weeks.

As most of you will probably know, I would normally visit every blog who enters to check out your marvellous creations, re-blog a few here on N2W (when time and space allows) and run the weekly round-up.

However, time and I suppose in some ways my mental health has not been in quite the right place to do so. It’s not my story to tell so I won’t go into too much detail but in summary, an immediate family member has been unwell for quite some time and 2 weeks ago we got some tragic news which to be quite honest was worse than we had originally feared, the doctor spoke of the Big C and the words that strike fear into most people’s heart “terminal”. Needless to say, we are all devastated.

With that in mind, I would love to say normal service will be resumed as soon as possible but realistically that might not be the case, some weeks will be tougher than others and I may not be on my top form. However, if you can, please do continue to participate and support the prompt, reading your creations brings me so much joy and I will contribute and feedback as often as I can. There are some spectacular images coming up and I can’t wait to see what you all create.

Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.

Now… onto those fabulous entries…

Mushrooms – Image by KL Caley

Mushrooms – Entries:

Plane – Image by KL Caley

Planes – Entries:

I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge, this week’s is published here:

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto.

With special thanks to Sue who originally made the #writephoto challenge so meaningful for all of us and gave me her blessing to continue it.

Take Care
KL ❤

#WRITEPHOTO – Restoration

Afternoon Everyone,

Welcome to the weekly #writephoto prompt!

There is no love

Left for this home

Which would have once been a majestic

place to roam.

Can you give this little house a bit of love? Or is it a wrecking ball waiting to happen?

Restoration – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a large home with pay windows and pillared doorways but it’s all fallen into a dilapidated state.

The regulars already know this bit, but for those that don’t:

  • Each Thursday at Noon GMT I will post the #writephoto prompt
  • Use the image and prompt as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, as long as it is fairly family-friendly.
  • Please have your entries linked back to the original prompt post by the following Tuesday at Noon GMT.
  • Link back to this post with a pingback (Hugh has an excellent tutorial here)  and/or leave a link in the comments below, to be included in the round-up.
  • Please click their links to visit the blogs of other contributors and take time to read and comment on their work.
  • Use the #writephoto hashtag in your title so your posts can be found.
  • There is no word limit and no style requirements, except that your post must take inspiration from the image and/or the prompt word given in the title of this post.
  • Feel free to use #writephoto logo or include the prompt photo in your post if you wish, or you may replace it with one of your own to illustrate your work.
  • By participating in the #writephoto challenge, please be aware that your post may be featured as a reblog on this blog and I will link to your post for the round-up each week.

If you need some more inspiration or fancy a bit of light reading, check out last weeks round-up.

I can’t wait to read your creations.

Take Care.

KL ❤

Review of Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: Non-fiction – Parenting – Real-life

Hurrah for Gin – Cover

📖 I am very late to the party discovering Katie Kirby’s brilliant book – Hurrah for Gin. Sadly, it had been sitting on my TBR shelf for quite some time and for some reason I’d just never been in the mood to pick it out. When I finally got round to it, I read most of it in one sitting, genuinely laughing out loud all the way through. In fact, as I was reading, I snapped a couple of pictures and sent them to mummy friends knowing that they would indeed relate.

✍️ The writing is short, sharp and incredibly straight to the point. It often includes swearing (with a warning upfront that this would be the case). However, it is the depictions of family life that really draw you in.

🗣 I often think it’s useful to see an extract of a book to get an idea of the writing style. Here is a brief extract so that you can see a sample of the writing yourself:

There are two types of pregnant people in this world, I have illustrated the differences in the scientific diagram above. Depiction A denotes the irritatingly healthy-looking ones and Depiction B denotes those who look like they are about to keel over and die.
Me? I was a B (yay).

💔 Any Negatives: Disappointed I didn’t read it sooner; it made my night.

💭 Overall View: Smart, witty, sarcastic, honest, yet still with a positive message and full of love. I would recommend it as a gift for any toddler parents.

👍 Please leave a like if you think my review/feedback of the item was helpful to you. Alternatively, please contact me if you want me to clarify something in my review.

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On my mind

I don’t know what to say

I don’t want to get things wrong

I’m trying to keep it all inside

I’m trying to be strong.

I’m trying to not cry

I want to be brave

I’m trying to think of all the things

I really ought to say.

My emotions are in tatters

And my heart truly aches

And I’m terrified of all the things

That we need to face.