Review of Holy Island by L.J. Ross (DCI Ryan #1) – 5 Stars

Holy Island (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #1)Holy Island by L.J. Ross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I stumbled across this book by chance when it showed up rather cheaply on a Kindle titles sale and the outline sounded quirky and I must say I am very pleased with the find.

This is actually the first of the DCI Ryan detective mysteries series by L.J Ross and it starts the series off with a bang – especially the ending, great job on keeping us readers hooked for the next one in the series. I do think the writing in general was very good, not overly police procedural, plenty of characters to set it up for a series but not too many that you can’t figure out who is who, enough of an intriguing back story about the characters that I suspect may come back to haunt them at a later date. A very strong start to the series.

The plot mainly includes two interlinked storylines/character viewpoints. DCI Ryan has taken a sabbatical from his police duties after a traumatic experience during a murder investigation and temporarily moves to Lindisfarne. After several weeks of calm enjoying the peaceful island, his sabbatical is disrupted when the body of a young woman is found murdered at the priory. The murder looks staged with cult underlying’s and soon more murders in the small island follow. The murderer is smart, leaving very few clues and cleaning the sites so that the investigating team struggles to narrow it down. In the meantime, questioning becomes more and more difficult as the Islanders try to protect their own from outside police interference.

In the second storyline, we follow former local girl Anna who travels back to the island as an informant on the occult. When one of her own family members turns out to be the next murder victim Anna is removed from the case but fearing for her safety and his new-found feelings for her DCI Ryan insists she move into his small cottage that is doubling as police base on the island.

The storylines are very sharp, intricate and clever, but the book itself is not as dark as you would expect for a murder mystery, certainly, there is actually very little gore allowing you to sit back and enjoy the storyline.

I think Ross has done a great job, leaving plenty of room for the characters evolving, in this novel you really feel sorry for Ryan; his mental trauma from his past and how he is suffering trying to suppress those feelings to deal with the new case. I actually finished this book a little while ago but the story and characters still feel very vivid and I think that is a sign of how well the story has been told.

One of the real big highlights for me was the locations. I loved the rugged windswept island and it’s close knit community. The one pub that you need to visit to find out what is going on. Unless you want to risk speaking to the gossipy landlady of the local b&b. All great places and very easy to visualize.

For those that haven’t discovered the DCI Ryan collection, I would suggest these novels are quite similarly written to something like Elly Griffiths (Ruth Galloway Series – also very good if you haven’t read that). It is crime but not really dark gritty like rebus or anything, also not a Miss Marple cosy crime, something in the middle.

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Review of How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst – 5 Stars

How I Lost YouHow I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I even opened this book I was hooked, of all the taglines I have seen this has got to be one of the best – “They told her she killed her baby, She served her time, What if they lied?”
This book is about a woman named Susan Webster who is accused of killing her baby Dylan whilst suffering from terrible post-partum depression. Susan has no recollection of the incident but all those around her; doctors, police & even her husband tell her she has done this terrible crime. When she gets out of prison and starts her new life as Emma she receives a photo of a small child claiming to be Dylan. Throwing her fresh start out the window Susan (with some help from a journalist and her previous prison inmate) begins to hunt down the truth. Can she find it in the web of lies that surrounds her?
This is Jenny Blackhurst’s debut novel and she hasn’t half burst her way onto the crime fiction scene. Her writing style is very fluid, sharp and clear keeping you gripped from the very first page. Loads of twists and turns and hints of information and characters dropped in at just the right time. So many underlying secrets that you can’t tell who is a goodie and who is a baddie.
Psychological thriller huge genre with similar stories out there yet this still stands out very much on its own as a great storyline and excellent writing. If you liked Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson style of suspense writing then I think you will enjoy this novel.
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Wow! Dazzling Debut Novel. Can’t wait to read more from this author.

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Review of Malevolent by E.H. Reinhard – 4.5 Stars

Malevolent (Lieutenant Kane, #1)Malevolent by E.H. Reinhard

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

A woman arrives at an airport, the next time she is seen is when she is found dead in an alley in a dumpster wearing only green lingerie. Worse she has holes drilled into her head and a powerful drug in her system. Soon the press label the killer psycho surgeon and it’s easy to see why. Can Lieutenant Carl Kane and his partner hunt down this killer before more woman show up?

This book his pretty intense, certainly gory as other readers have pointed out in reviews, so if you’re a bit squeamish there will be a few chapters to skip over. I did get this book for free and although a fan of detective crime fiction was unsure what to expect from this new author in a field that is already pretty full with the likes of Mark Billingham, Ian Rankin, amongst countless others. That said I actually found myself really enjoying this book. It was very well written.
Not going to lie, the book is dark. That just makes you want the good guys to catch the bad guys, even more. Kane himself is quite likeable, with a good spark between him and his partner. Kane lives alone with his cat, he even finds time for a love interest.

The only real negative I would say is there are a few places that there is a lot of descriptions going on that’s purpose seems to be just to fill out the pages a little, especially in comparison to the mostly sharp action-filled pace of writing Reinhard seems to adopt for the majority of the book. Then again, this could be to give the book a bit of a relief from the fast pace.
All in all, a fabulous start to a great new series. Book works perfectly as a standalone novel but there is plenty of room for the character to grow and I expect this will be a long-running series. Not for the faint of heart, perfect for those that enjoy the grittier side of crime drama. Action heavy, fun, fast-paced novel.
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Review of Skeleton Key by Robert Richardson – 4 Stars

Skeleton Key (Augustus Maltravers, #1)Skeleton Key by Robert Richardson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brief Outline
Novelist Augustus and his girlfriend Tess have planned a week’s holiday staying with friends in Bellringer. This stay is immediately disrupted when a skeleton is stolen from Edenbridge House, the stately home of the Earl of Pembury. The mystery of the missing skeleton surges through the village with rumours abound. So when the heir to the estate, Simon (Lord Dunford) is found murdered, most people find themselves as suspects.
Maltravers and Tess find themselves caught up in the mystery of vengeance and murder. Could it be Simon’s own cousin Oliver Hawkhurst or the estate’s coldly efficient secretary, Mister York? Who had the strongest motive for murder? Maltravers and Tess increasingly want to know the truth and more importantly, want to stop the killer from killing again.
Writing Style
This book does start very slowly (particularly for a crime novel) and it does take a while to build up the suspense and the storyline. I think this is partly to do with a lot of characters in the book for the reader to get to know. However a few chapters in it gets going and the mystery starts to take shape. I would say this is more of an Agatha Christie or M.C. Beaton style of pace.
The storyline is quite interesting and the settings are very well described; a small village, cricket pitch, large estate house, etc. There are quite a lot of characters in this novel to get used to, each with their own agendas and interest in the murder, this was probably my slight criticism of the novel as it distracted me from the story a little trying to remind myself who was who and what they had said/done previously. However the main characters Maltravers, Tess and Simon were all very interesting and it was enjoyable to read their story unfold.
An enjoyable book, particularly for fans of MC Beaton, Agatha Christie style of the crime genre.
About the author
I came across this book as the author has won the John Creasey Annual Award given by the Crime Writers Association. This award is for the best crime novel by a first-time author of any nationality first published in the UK in English. I have adored the work of some of the previous winners including SJ Watson and it is always a helpful place to discover new talent.

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The Note #5 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

Welcome to “The Note – A Case for Sarah Bradley” serial, to catch up on the story so far click the links below:

The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction.

The Note #2 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

The Note #3 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

The Note #4 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

I have never written in the detective/mystery genre before so just having a bit of a dabble. I hope people enjoy. Any feedback greatly appreciated. KL


Sarah finally managed to get her sobbing under control. Jeff had walked around her car and climbed into the passenger seat. It made her a little nervous to be this close to him, his green eyes looked straight at her concern filled yet they still seemed to possess that mischievous glint that she adored. She looked away, trying to focus.

“I’m s…sorry Jeff. My little brother Danny’s in trouble.” She shuffled uncomfortably in the chair then looked back towards him.

“What do you mean in trouble Sarah? What kind of trouble?” He put his hand gently on top of hers. She took a big sigh and held the sob inside her that was desperately trying to escape again. Her lip trembled and her eyes glistened.

“That’s the thing, I don’t even know. Nothing is making sense. I’ve got to find him.” She turned the key in the ignition, silent tears now flooded her face.

“Sarah stop.” He leaned over her and turned the ignition back off. “You know I can’t let you leave don’t you? You can’t even see to drive, can you?” He shook his head, his hair swaying as he did it. “Look get yourself cleaned up, come into my car and we’ll see what we can do, okay?”

Sarah nodded and leaning over him opened the drawer of the glovebox. She stopped as she realised she was inches from his face. She smiled as much as she could muster, fighting back a wave of emotions.

“Sorry, I should have waited ‘til you got out. It’s a little tight isn’t it?” Sarah managed her voice now slightly husky from the crying.

Jeff lowered his head to reach the door handle but Sarah miss-reading the sign leaned in further closing her eyes she kissed him. Jeff realised her mistake and gently pushed her back.

“Sarah, no.” His low voice filled with concern. Finding the handle, he got out of the car. Before he closed the door, he turned back to face her. “Sarah, forget that happened. Come to my car and we’ll sort this. I’ll help you.”

Sarah nodded and watched Jeff retreat to his own car. How could she be so stupid? She had to focus on finding Danny.


This was originally written in response to Friday Fiction prompt brought to you by  ronovanwrites – Epic Fail prompt.

Ronovan also has a great post on GL & PSS to help improve your writing.
My stats for this post are: Word Count: 367 Words, GL: 3.1 and Passive: 0%

The Note #4 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction


Sarah raced down the road. She had already been through a red light, her mind played a little warning reminder about the promotion she had been trying to get but she batted the fleeting thought away. Her little brother Danny was in that gold car up ahead and she had to get to him.

As another traffic light flickered from orange to red, Sarah put her foot down then glanced at the car about to cross her, an elderly couple sat in it, she would easily get past them. Just as she made midway across the junction, a cyclist appeared in front of her. It must have been down the side of the old couple’s car and Sarah hadn’t seen it. She stomped on the brake and swerved the car causing it lock into a spin. A lorry on the other side of the road stamped on his brakes as Sarah spun into his lane, the screeching sound of the brakes echoed across the buildings surrounding them and Sarah closed her eyes awaiting the impact.

When nothing but car horns and a strange silence filled her ears Sarah opened her eyes. The elderly couple and the lorry driver were both climbing out their vehicles. Sarah followed. Her heart pounding as she noticed the young man on the bike laid on the middle of the road. As Sarah walked towards him, she noticed his backpack laid in front of her car, she lifted it from the ground surprised at its weight. She took her phone from her pocket and dialled an ambulance, her mind on automatic pilot the police procedure for reporting the accident to the emergency services took over. As she hung up, she noticed the lorry driver on the phone too. Sarah gulped as she stood in front of the young man, her heart began to pound as he began to move. A mumbling sound came from his throat.

“I am PC Sarah Bradley, you have been in a car accident try not to move. An ambulance will be here soon.” She looked down at the blood coming from his head. Another noise came from his throat.

“Can you tell me your name?” She asked looking around. The lorry driver and couple were now making their way towards her. The young man lifted himself up a little and the startling blue eyes that stared back at her took Sarah aback.

“Crazy Bitch”. The words came out in a slur but it was clear what he said.

“I…I’m so sorry.” Sarah began to stand back up as the couple came towards her.

“Hey, stay away from him.” The old man shouted towards her.

“It’s okay. I’m a police officer… It was just an accident…” Sarah began but the old man was already shaking his head at her.

“You’re a looney, that’s what you are. Driving like that.” Before the old man, finished sirens seemed to fill the hostile air.

“Come to lock you up.” The old man said snarling and pointing his finger at her. His other arm wrapped protectively around his wife.

Sarah turned and made her way to her car, climbing into the driving seat. She couldn’t catch Danny now. She would need a miracle to find the gold car. She didn’t have time to hang around here either. Not while someone was after Danny. Sarah glanced around at the young man now sitting up. His blood smeared face visible to her. The ambulance was seconds away for him and there was nothing she could do to help him now.

Her mind made up she put the key in the accelerator turning the ignition. As Sarah moved into gear, a police car pulled across the lane in front of her, stopping abruptly. As the police officer began climbing out the car, Sarah’s heart was pounding in her chest. Her mind replaying all she could lose, her job, her life but most important her brother. When the officer turned towards her Sarah sighed. It was Jeff one of the few male officers at the station who actually had the time of day for her. Behind them, the ambulance had parked up and the crew were loading the young man onto a stretcher.

“So, what do we have here, Sarah?” Jeff said as Sarah stepped out of the car.

“You honestly don’t want to know, Jeff!” Sarah managed to say and then burst into tears.

This is a continued short story from:

The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction.

The Note #2 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

The Note #3 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

I have never written in the detective/mystery genre before so just having a bit of a dabble. I hope people enjoy. Any feedback greatly appreciated. KL

To Continue Reading Sarah’s Story – CLICK HERE

A Friend Shows Up – This was written in response to Friday Fiction prompt brought to you by  ronovanwrites

Ronovan also has a great post on GL & PSS to help improve your writing.
My stats for this post are: Word Count: 734 Words, GL: 4.7 and Passive: 0%

Review of To Honour the Dead by John Dean

To Honour the DeadTo Honour the Dead by John Dean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This novel follows Chief Inspector Jack Harris, a detective chief inspector in a remote areas police force. After years of big city police work, he heads back to his home town and local police department for an easier life. However that’s not what the local countryside has intended for him! The novel starts quickly with a murder/suspicious death having already taken place. When a war memorial is the defaced the town’s tensions start to run high. Was it the manic mother of the questionable victim? Or someone with darker intentions. When a further murder happens, and the victim’s VC is stolen, action needs to be taken. It seems Jack Harris has stumbled across a hornets nest of problems, not the quiet country life he had imagined.

The concept of this book was great and I thought it was a great read. A surprising and gripping take on a murder investigation. Dean’s writing style was great and adapted to each situation well, it is quick paced and exciting when going through the investigations but also compelling when dealing with the characters side of the story, particularly touching with the veteran storyline.

The contemporary settings and characters are a really nice touch, Dean captures the differences between country and city living nicely. Harris’s interactions between his team, his dogs and his superiors also help the story grow throughout the novel.
This story had a great pace and with the Veteran theme providing a gentle touch to this crime storyline. Definitely a recommended read.

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