The Note #2 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction



Sarah walked through the back door into the kitchen. Her heart immediately sank when she saw the wet shine on the laminated floor. Where had it spilled from? Please, not Danny. The lump in her throat continued to grow. She flickered on the light and could spilled milksee that a milk cartoon laid on its side.


No Answer

“DANNY?” Louder this time but still no answer. She glanced at the clock. He shouldn’t have set off for college yet.

Sarah glanced around the kitchen searching for any clues. She carefully stepped through the doorway into the living room. Nothing looked out of place. She ran up the stairs and into hers and Danny’s room. Sarah’s heart picked up the pace to match the unnerving voice in her head. Normally she relied upon her inner voice but today she just wanted it to shut up, she didn’t want to hear what it was saying. In Danny’s room despite the mess, nothing seemed out of place. Sarah walked to the computer; she could see the power was on. Moving the mouse the bright background shone to life and Sarah could see a chat box open. Sarah’s heart leaped into her throat as the words “Meet you outside the college,” flickered at her over the bright lights of the screen.

Hurdling the stairs two at a time she made her way to the front door as she reached it she could see a piece of paper sticking through the letterbox. As I pulled it out, I could see it was just like the first, my name appearing with no surname. My heart now pounding so loudly it echoed around in my head. I unfolded the paper, mockingly a single sentence in bold black type stared back at me.



This is a continued short story from: The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction. I have never written in the detective/mystery genre before so just having a bit of a dabble. I hope people enjoy. Any feedback greatly appreciated. KL ❤

To Continue Reading Sarah’s StoryCLICK HERE

A spill occurs, what do you do next? Use your imagination for what a spill is.

This was written in response to Friday Fiction prompt brought to you by  ronovanwrites

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