The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction


“Morning Sarah”

“Morning Beth,” I say happily making my way past the receptionist. I had been mentally preparing for the interview all morning. I was ready for this role and I would make the chief see it. There was no way it was going to one of the “boys” again. I’d more than proven myself, I was smarter than most of the idiots in this station and it was about time they knew it.

“Sarah, two seconds I got handed an urgent note to pass to you.” I stopped and turned back to Beth watching as she began ruffling through the stack of letters and notes on her desk. I glanced at the clock as subtly as I could. Beth didn’t need a hard time from me, being one of the few other females in a very male police station. But I needed to get to my interview, I had to keep my head in the zone.

“Oh, here it is. Oh and good luck with the interview today” beaming happily she passed me the envelope. Strange, it was just my name, not my surname and it was typed. I opened the envelope with a sense of unease, something wasn’t right. Within seconds, I was on the floor of the reception sobbing and trembling uncontrollably. Beth was beside me.

“Sarah are you alright? What is it?” She glanced nervously back and forth between the reception door, the office door and my tear-stained face. She knew if the guys saw me like this I wouldn’t be around much longer. Pulling me gently so that I was hidden on the floor behind the reception desk, she gently took the piece of paper from my hand. She scanned it her mouth dropping open. It was an arrest report with my little brother Danny’s name featuring throughout. No reporting officer’s name featured. At the bottom in bold black writing was three words “FAIL THE INTERVIEW”.

“What are you going to do?” Beth gasped.

“I don’t know…” I lowered my head and began sobbing again. Beth was about to speak but was interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Yes sir, PC Bradley?” I saw her look down at me and I shook my head. There was no way I could go through with the interview now.

“Sir, she had a family emergency. Did I not give you that note? Very sorry sir, she needed the meeting urgently postponing”, I heard Beth lower her voice, the huskiness echoing around the tiled room. “I told her that shouldn’t be a problem for you sir, I know how friendly and accommodating you can be, I’ve already moved it in your diary for you”. She winked at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. Then she rolled her eyes and said, “Yes sir, I’d love to get lunch with you” this was followed by a clearly fake giggle. “Okay see you later Tom”.

Putting the phone done she muttered something I couldn’t quite hear under her breath but it sounded like the word pig. She spun in the reception chair to face me. “Right Sarah, I’ve brought you some time. You have until tomorrow to find this asshole. You are the best cop in the station Sarah. If anyone can do it you can. Now get up and get out of my reception!”

I stumbled to my feet quickly wiping the lingering tears from my eyes and pulled the arrest report off the desk. Heading towards the door, I turned quickly and said, “Thanks Beth, I owe you one.”

“You sure do, lunch with old Tom Murphy, you owe me two! Now get out and get this sorted. We need some more woman running this place.”Dusting myself as I walked out the door I realized Beth might just be the smartest person in the station.

To Continue Reading Sarah’s Story –  CLICK HERE

You’ve just been handed a message that makes you drop to the floor, trembling uncontrollably.
Friday Fiction prompt brought to you by Ronovan Writes. I did go over my word count a little with 636 words but was enjoying this story starter and have a few ideas for where it might lead. 

I have never written in the detective fiction genre before so any feedback much appreciated. KL ❤

11 thoughts on “The Note #1 – A Case for Sarah Bradley – Fiction

  1. I think you have something with this story. I encourage you to keep going with it. Just a few minor typo things/editing that we all do in a first draft, but other than that, nice job. If you decide to make something big out of this, do a bit of research into police work, procedure, lingo, stuff like that. That can come later. You capture the emotions very well.

    1. Thank you Ronovan. It was a really inspiring prompt that seemed to throw ideas at me, but I liked this one best (even though it was quite out of my comfort zone). Thank you very much for your kind feedback. KL

    1. Thank you so much, Ritu! Is it terrible to admit I’m not sure what happens next yet? Got a few ideas but nothing my heart is set on. Might have to wait for a new prompt that fits and triggers something. Thank you for your kind feedback. KL ❤

      1. Well 4 weeks ago I wrote a piece like that for Ron’s prompt. ..and it’s become a series now as he keeps on prompting me for more!!! But I am enjoying it!!!

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