Going Deeper Underground

Millie glanced inside. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, but she wasn’t unafraid of it either. From behind her, her brother began laughing. “You’re too scared.” He mocked.
Stepping inside, Millie was in complete darkness, her eyes struggling to adjust. Grit fell around her with every step. She swiped away the roots that touched her like long lingering fingers.
Further inside, one wrapped itself around her foot. Behind her, the entrance was no longer in sight, just shadowy darkness all around her. Millie bent down to free herself. Outside the cave, a piercing scream echoed around her then stopped abruptly.


Tunnel Underground by Sue Vincent

Underground Photo – Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho


Another great photo from Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo, in 100 words or less where does the tunnel lead? Go check it out for some more 100 word stories! All feedback gratefully appreciated. KL

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