The monk put his head down as the discussion got heated. The royal commissioner had just finished reporting his findings and left. His report stating the monks were seriously breaking the rules they should be living by.

The monk knew it was his fault, he had gone to the Royal Commissioner in confidence. He had only meant to get his abbot in trouble, he lived a life of luxury while the rest of the order lived on a pittance.

The Royal Commissioner had grossly exaggerated his report and now the monastery was to be closed, they had a month to leave. Maybe they would reconsider? Or get an endowment to support the monastery themselves?

For now, he’d go to pray…tomorrow was another day.

trust_innocent_liars_tool_stephen king

Story originally written for Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC – Innocent.

How to participate? Select a quote that inspires you. Then write a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us using the quote either in your story or as the title of your masterpiece. Then link back to Colleen at :-


The Truth is not Always Beautiful…

Helen peered through the ornate metal fence posts. Her mother had forbidden her to go near the old house.

It was strange, her mother told her. Her mother also said the old man that lived in it was strange too. Yet that didn’t stop Helen from staring. She thought the house was beautiful.

“Hi there”. The voice startled her and she strained to see where it was coming from. Glancing around she spotted through the fence an old stooped man behind the wall below the fence. His hands caked in mud had clearly been planting in the flower bed. Helen’s mind flashed with panic, she wasn’t meant to talk to strangers but he had seen her now, it would be rude to ignore him.

“Hi,” she said quietly and then removed her hands from thfence with rosese fence.

“Admiring my garden?” the old man said then gestured the flower beds. She nodded, not really sure what to say. She hadn’t, it had been the house she was admiring. Helen watched the old man intently, looking for the darkness that her mother believed he had. Yet all she saw was kindness, could her mother be wrong?

“Do you want to come inside?” he asked. Helen’s eyes grew wide, she knew she should say no, it was what her mother would want her to do, but the old man with the kind crinkled face couldn’t be anything to worry about could he? She nodded and he got to his feet, pointing towards the entrance gate and then began brushing off the dirt from his trousers.

“Helen!” Helen stopped dead in her tracks, then began to turn around slowly as the piercing shrill of her mother’s cry filled the air. As Helen turned she spotted her mother stood hands on her hips, her face red with both anger and exertion. Oh dear.

                “Never mind skulking, get over here now! I told you not to doddle home.” Helen took one last glance at the beautiful big house, the old man seemed to be gone. Ignoring her disappointment she traipsed towards her mother. Maybe the old man would let her look another day…

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Originally written in response to #WQWWC theme – Beautiful. The above quote seemed too fun not to play around with. What do you think? Did mother know best?

Finding the Perfect Potion

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Suzie looked along the jar labels, she hadn’t realised there was so much she could buy; love, friendships, dreams, wishes, time. She looked at the old gnarled woman behind her who was busy labelling up jars. Susie had heard stories about her, that some of these potions were tricks, but she needed to risk it. She needed to change something in her life.                    She looked back along the shelf until she came across an empty jar, the label was worn so that she couldn’t make it out. Lifting it, she looked inside it definitely looked empty. She looked at the price tag “Price on Enquiry”. Great, that was no help, she turned intending on interrupting the old lady but before she could the woman appeared by her side.

“Can I help you, my dear, what are you after?” The old lady crooned at her.

“Well…I’m not really sure. I got recommended you as I need to change some things in my life…” Suzie let her voice trail and then feeling uncomfortable said, “What is in this jar, is it empty?” The old woman laughed.

“Empty, no no my dear, that one is just a lot trickier than all the other potions in the shop. It has to transform you see. It never works the same on any two people.”

“Transform? What do you mean transform? What kind of potion is it?”

“Happiness, of course. Very difficult potion indeed it takes a lot of magic to make a tiny bit of that stuff, and of course, if the taker resists it, it will never work.” The old woman’s pupils grew wide as Suzie dove into her purse.

“How much is it? I’ll take it, it’s exactly what I was looking for?” But the old woman turned away from her and back to her other jars adding more labels.

“Ahh.. then I’m afraid I can’t sell it to you?”

“What, why not?” Suzie demanded. She thrust her purse towards the old lady, ” I have the money. Why can’t I have it?” The old lady looked at the purse, her eyes glinting then shook her head.

“No, my dear, I wish I could but it would be pointless. Happiness will never come to you while you are looking for it.  You have to open your eyes and your heart to so much more, then, perhaps, happiness will work for you.”

The old woman watched as Suzie physically deflated before her. She walked around the counter and lifted on of the jars from her shelf.

“Why don’t we start you on this one my dear, you never know where it might lead?”

Suzie nodded and looked at the jar label, Friendship. The old lady winked at her then turned around and began dusting jars. Suzie shook the coins from her purse and left the shop, ready to start her new adventure.



Originally written for #WQWWC – Happiness theme pop over to Colleen and Ronovan’s page for a collection of creative responses to the theme. Hope you found happiness in my magical take on this weeks theme. Which potion would you buy? KL ❤

Worth the Wait – A selkie’s tale.

I walked along the edge of the bay, making my way through the cragged rocks to the house that held my secret, Roane’s House. It had been fourteen years since I first met Roane and I was now approaching my thirties. I had tried to forget him, tried to see other men, tried to live a normal life but my heart returned again and again to my secret boy of the sea. I had decided, I didn’t want normal, I wanted him.

“My soul feels reborn each time I see you; falling in love with you again and again - Steve Maraboli

I waited in our doorway, knowing he would appear any moment. My stomach was fluttering more viscously than the harsh North Sea air as I prepared my speech, my questions. What if he said no? What if he would rather not be with me? I pushed away the single tear that had ran down my cheek at the same time pushing away these negative thoughts. I had to hope, had to dream he would be mine.

As I watched the water lap along the bay, two strong arms wrapped themselves around me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, then whispered his name, Roane.

“You are more beautiful each time I see you my love.” He said spinning me around and planting a kiss heavily on my face. I couldn’t help the smile that spread itself on my face. “Shall we walk?” He asked his dark brown eyes watching my face intently.

“Of course.”

We spent three glorious days together; laughing, smiling and kissing. It felt like no time at all had passed between us, let alone the seven years since we had last met. All the last day my stomach churned with anxiety I knew it had to happen, I knew he had to leave, to go back to the sea, to his home. But I didn’t think I could take it, I couldn’t wait seven more summers to be by his side. I wasn’t sure I could keep on doing this.

We walked slowly along the sands towards the house. I hadn’t realised I had fallen silent, listening to my haunting thoughts until he interrupted me.

“Are you okay, my love?” he looked at me with those startling brown eyes framed with long eyelashes.

“Roane, do you have to go?” I bit my lip, my body started to tremble. I had thought of so many ways to ask him, to lure him, to entice him and now I had blurted it out. He sighed heavily.

“My soul belongs to the Sea, my love…” he leant in close to kiss me, but I pulled away stifling a sob. I didn’t know why but I started to walk quickly, my thoughts tumbling over one another, my heart breaking. As the outcrop to the house appeared I began to climb, but a hand gripped my arms and turned me around.

“Roane, please don’t, it’s too painful to watch you leave.” I sobbed, but he began to laugh, chiding me.

“You didn’t let me finish my love. My soul belongs to the sea, but my heart belongs to you. If you have me, I will stay.” Those sparkling eyes crinkled at the side into a wide grin. I gave out a small yelp of excitement and threw my arms around him.

“Of course, I’ll have you.” I laughed. “But we aren’t living here.”


Still Waters Photo by Sue Vincent

Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent


Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge LOGOOriginally written in response to Colleen and Ronovan’s fun WQWWC
this week’s theme is rebirth.

The perfect quote seemed to be:

“My soul feels reborn each time I see you; falling in love with you again and again.”

Steve Maraboli

I’m a sucker for a happy ending but if you want to know how it all started visit Roane’s House: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/roanes-house-a-selkies-tale/

Roane’s House – A selkie’s tale.

My mother had told me the legend many times growing up, but it wasn’t until I met him, my secret, that I realised it was true.

We met the day before my sixteenth birthday. I walked along the shoreline, my heart breaking, the tears falling, and my frustration at the unfairness of it all as I recovered from the news that the boy I loved was due to be married to another. As the wind whipped my long red hair into a tangled frenzy and the wet sand beginning to stick between my toes, I decided it was time to head for a bit of shelter and made my way to Roane House. Roane House was an abandoned house that was often under the waves of the sea but when the water was out, as it was today, it was a sacred, mystical place, a tween place, half owned by the land half owned by the sea. It was the perfect shelter for me today to be alone with my troubles, or so I thought.

Still Waters Photo by Sue Vincent

Still Waters photo by Sue Vincent – #writephoto


Sitting in the ancient doorway, I startled when he approached from behind me.

“Do you mind?” Has no-one told you it’s rude to sneak up on someone?” I got to my feet and folded my arms crossly how dare he invade my space unwanted.

He tilted his head to one side and grinned at me. His eyes were so brown and large, the twinkle of glee in them infuriated me further.

“You” he pointed, “are the one in my house”.

“Your house?” I stammered, I had not expected this.

“Yes, I’m Roane and I think you will find this is my house, it has been in my family for generations.”

“But it’s not even a proper house, it’s a shell.” I tried desperately to think of something clever to say, nothing was coming quickly to my mind. “Besides, I’ve lived here for years and never seen you before”.

“Well, we don’t always come here, and I’m not always allowed on the land…” The glint from his eyes dimmed just a little. It surprised me that I hated to see it fade.

“You mean this bit of land? Does your family have a lot of land then?”

“Yes, we travel all over to lots of land.” The twinkle appeared once more. “This is my favourite place, though.” I nodded understanding, it was for me too. A few precious moments of silence filled the air as each of us got lost in our own thoughts.

“Do you want to take a walk?” I asked.

“I love walking!” Roane exclaimed. I looked at him. He truly was strange but his smile couldn’t be resisted, so I giggled in agreement. We walked along the stones to the sea, then along the sandy mounds of the bay. He told me of the sights he had seen, his world seemed so adventurous compared to mine. As the sun set, we walked back towards Roane House. I leaned against one side of the doorway and he nervously leaned against the other.

“It’s late and I should go,” I said, knowing the last thing I wanted to do was leave.

“Well you come see me again?” he asked, his dark brown eyelashes framing his large pleading eyes.

“Of course. Tomorrow?” He shook his head no, then scuffed his feet against the stones.

“No it can’t be tomorrow, it will be seven years before I can return. Will you come see me again then.”

I nodded my mind not really understanding, he smiled, leaned forwarded and planted a heavy kiss on my cheek. Pulling away he grinned, then I watched as he turned and ran along the stone walkway to the water. He dove in head first with a cheer of delight, while I watched in horror. Seconds later a head appeared, although it was no longer that of the boy I had spent my day with but a seal in his place. I paused running along the walkway with him, my eyes never leaving the seal’s face. As I drew closer I noticed his eyes and my mind finally understood. Roane was a selkie. I nodded and raised my hand to wave goodbye. With a splash, he jumped back into the water and swam away from sight.

“See you in seven years, Roane.” I whispered to the sea as I turned and made my way home.

old myths - old gods - sleeping - wisdom - stanley kunitz.png

I combined Sue’s beautiful image from her #Writephoto challenge with today’s WQWWC – Inspiration with the fabulous quote on old myths, to create this mythical piece of fiction. I loved the themes combined and hope you do to.

Much Love
KL ❤

Joy, Laughter, Happy Thoughts – Time to Change

A little joy, a little laughter

Is sometimes, the stuff I’m after

A little bravery, a little courage

Someone to stop me, being discouraged

A thoughtful comment, a pleasant smile

A little thank you, once in a while

Happy thoughts, that special place

Those negative thoughts are such a waste

Fear takes its form, in many ways

It’s often hard, keeping it at bay

Yet positivity can, be so rewarding

Stopping those fears, that you’ve been hoarding

Change can be made, with little steps

Making the decision, not to fret

Stop the panic, forget the fear

Reach out for your future, it is here!

Changes - Dilbert

Lewis Carroll_Alice in Wonderland_different yesterday

Originally written in response to todays WQWWC topic “Change” with
my favourite quote about change by Lewis Carrol. With a little help from Dilbert, Linking it back to my #Maydays Challenge post on Laughter! Much Love. KL ❤

The Coffee Break Fantasy!

His eyes had begun to droop and his arms were begging to ache, but hope and perseverance wouldn’t let him stop. He was almost, almost, at the end of his first draft. He leaned back in his chair, switch on the light, maybe a bit of brightness would keep him awake. He fiddled with the settings on the pc and some music came out low in the background. He closed his eyes, just a sec, to take the melody in.

Behind him came a noise he had not expected. Turning in his chair, a long dark-haired beauty sashayed down the corridor towards him, in her hands a tray of coffee. Coffee, he thought that is just what he needed. She lifted the cup from the tray and leaned in towards him, slowly placing the cup on his desk her eyes lingering on his. He shivered at the thought of her being so close.

The movement caused a clatter on the desk and suddenly his head shot up, he had knocked his pen pot over. The fantasy was ended, the girl and the coffee nowhere in site. She was right about one thing, he thought, I definitely need coffee. As he wandered to the kitchen, a sudden burst of inspiration took him. Maybe he should add nother character to the second draft, perhaps a long-dark-haired beauty would spice things up. Yes, I could picture that.

Written in response to today’sscience coffee break earl wilson #WQWWC – FANTASY and combined my own May Challenge #Maydays. Check them out for some inspiration for your writing. 🙂

Much Love

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