Teaspoon Treasures

Samantha looked at the teaspoon. It had been her grandma’s. A treasure containing a story. Her grandma had stolen it from a rich family she had worked for. They never noticed, she would say with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Too much money, she would then say adding a tut. Whenever anyone important was round for tea she made sure to give them the good teaspoons.

Her grandma had been a kind woman. Smiling, sweet and loving. She had been a hard-working young woman until her family came along, and then she worked harder still at the more crucial job of wife and mother. It was when she was a grandmother that she shone though. She taught her grandkids everything, how to cook, clean, grow edibles and take good care of one’s appearance, all whilst smiling and laughing. Her grandchildren loved her for it. It was a cliché, they were not rich with material goods, but they were rich in love.

Samantha sighed and put the spoons in a “to keep” box, wondering what she herself would leave to her grandchildren one day.

Nostalgia is a bittersweet emotion; it entails the act of recalling complicated memories of bygone days.
Nostalgia is a bittersweet emotion; it entails the act of recalling complicated memories of bygone days.

Originally written in response to:

  • Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge (#WQWWC) – Recollections

Take Care.

17 thoughts on “Teaspoon Treasures

    1. It wasn’t intentionally but now that you have mentioned it I wonder if she was in the back of my mind. I always used to call her my fairy godmother maybe now she’s sometimes my muse too. Thank you for the kind comment, Willow. KL ❤

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment, Jemima. I’ve seen some beautifully ornate teaspoons. I imagine they are special treasures for you in their own way. KL ❤

  1. KL, I loved this. My grandma had a funny habit. She came of age and had her family during the Great Depression. Because she couldn’t afford much, she shopped the silverware sales. She bought a spoon or a tiny fork or knife when it was on sale. It did not matter that it didn’t match anything. Her silverware box was a mishmash. I kept the mismatched pieces as a special remembrance of the Great Depression, and my grandma’s response to it. Thanks for this wonderful recollection. I’m sorry I switched things all around this week. I wanted to get autumn in before it was winter, LOL. I moved recollections to Dec. 29 because I thought it fit better. Your stories are always welcome, no matter what the topic! 🙂

    1. AAah – that makes sense Marsha, I thought I was losing the plot haha! Oh that’s such a wonderful story and how closely matched too. Ooh I look forward to the 29th December then too. 🙂 KL ❤

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