The monk put his head down as the discussion got heated. The royal commissioner had just finished reporting his findings and left. His report stating the monks were seriously breaking the rules they should be living by.

The monk knew it was his fault, he had gone to the Royal Commissioner in confidence. He had only meant to get his abbot in trouble, he lived a life of luxury while the rest of the order lived on a pittance.

The Royal Commissioner had grossly exaggerated his report and now the monastery was to be closed, they had a month to leave. Maybe they would reconsider? Or get an endowment to support the monastery themselves?

For now, he’d go to pray…tomorrow was another day.

trust_innocent_liars_tool_stephen king

Story originally written for Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC – Innocent.

How to participate? Select a quote that inspires you. Then write a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us using the quote either in your story or as the title of your masterpiece. Then link back to Colleen at :-


Watching from the shadows

I followed her carefully, all in black it was easier to merge into the shadows. The tree-lined street my perfect disguise. Occasionally the earth would shift beneath my weight, it would send a noise out into the night, but her own heavy footsteps and sharp breathing covered any sounds I would make. Creeping closer and closer I could smell her scent drifting towards me, the sweet perfume was mixed by another scent one she didn’t even realise she was exuding, fear. She should feel me near her, but I wonder if that just made her rush even more.
                    She reached the corner and took the opportunity to glance back to the shadows. I knew she would do it and I stood silently waiting. Her eyes caught mine. The bright green of them startled her for a second and then she smiled at me. She hurried away again but I could move quicker than she could and easily caught up. She didn’t know it yet but she needed me to follow her. As she neared the underpass that headed back to her tired estate my hair began to stand on end. This was it, this was the place.
           The first shape stepped out of the shadow forcing her to slow. She moved to the other side of the road and continued forward when a second shape appeared. She froze. The two shapes turned towards each other and then simultaneously began to advance towards her. She took a step or two back, her mind confused. As she came back out of the underpass the two shapes emerged from directly behind her, stretching out to grasp her. I took the moment to surprise them and drop out of the tree I was on, clawing at one of the shapes as I fell. As soon as I reached the ground I hissed and stepped towards  the other, but it vanished back into the darkness of the underpass and away. The other stumbled backwards moving into the recess it had appeared from. I turned my head and looked at the girl, my green eyes held strong. She came towards me and placed her hand gently on my head.
                    “Aren’t you a clever cat to save me?” she cooed at me, and although normally I would hate it, I allowed her to. I already felt the connection with her, even though her change hadn’t yet begun. Yes, I definitely was meant to be her familiar.

Originally written for Mystery – this week’s Writers Quote Wednesday Edgar Allan Poe - Mysterious Cat WritingWriting Challenge #WQWWC with this amazing Edgar Allan Poe quote, but unfortunately I didn’t quite get it finished on time. So hopefully Ronovan won’t mind the slight adjustment so I could add it to his Friday Fiction Challenge using the surprise them.

When you have a dog in your life…

…there is always reason to laugh!

A Bit Long in the Tooth

Our oldest little woof, is now over 11 years old
Not a hugely old age, for a mongrel I’m told
But changes have started, life’s taken its toll
And some of these changes, are starting to show

It started around the eyes, (as most ladies will know)
Although it isn’t wrinkles, that started to show
Her patches were once a lovely deep brown
But they’re now speckled white, with the odd grey around

She’s a lot more tired and, loves nothing more than a nap
(and I must say, I’m a bit envious of that)
But when she curls up, into a nice doggy dream
She snores the house down, ’til I’m ready to scream

She’s always been the boss, the one to lead
But her direction is off, causing laughter indeed
On her daily walk, she caused such a lark
By charging at the poo bin and proceeding to bark

There is also the incident with the sneaky lamppost
That must have snuck up beside her and said boo like a ghost
She didn’t like it, not one bit
And gave it a good barking too, she looked such a…ditz

Another walk lately was a scene quite mad,
She had heard the rustling of a carrier bag
Assuming it was an enemy, she set off on foot
Disappointed at the outcome, although it was such a hoot

So, time has come, to keep her on the lead
It won’t be easy and she won’t be best pleased
The problem with her craziness is it’s me that looks mad
Laughing alone in a field with a dog and a bag!


Millie asleep

Catching up on a nap!


Originally written in response to #WQWWCLaddie - Dog laughter tail
by Colleen and Ronovan over at Silverthreading. Check it out for more inspirational writing quotes with today’s theme “Laughter”. Hope my attempt gave a few more people a giggle. KL ❤

Published by Prisoners – Telling the true story?

Did you know that in Romania you could have your sentence reduced by publishing academic papers or a book (the Associated Press reported)?

However, unsurprisingly, the system has been reported to have been abused by inmates using ghost-writers. With it reported that 400 books were published by 188 detainees between 2013 and 2015. Justice Minister Raluca Pruna has proposed an ’emergency government ordinance’ to scrap the provision in the law that has allowed those such as jailed politicians and business persons to shorten their prison terms.

Bo Bennett - Truth

I’m not sure how I feel about this news story line. As usual, it seems that the rule has been abused by those that definitely knew better and have now ruined it for others. I actually think I would read a book by a prisoner. We have all probably read stories about the Kray twins or that of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, so if you had the chance would you take it further and read an account from the horses mouth so to speak? They say everyone has a story to tell and although I certainly am not interested in jailed politicians or bankers there are certainly other criminals whose stories I would read.

A recent story which has caught my eye in the papers just by how obscure it is, is that of the Hatton Garden Heist. There are bound to be some journalists out there who will make a book, maybe even a movie, out of it. The story of pensioners pulling off a heist (an apparently victimless crime) and then making a series of mistakes that lead them to be caught. It’s bound to sell. While the public are in up-roar about the pensioners getting fairly lenient sentences I wonder if the Romanian rule would be a benefit in this example. Let the pensioners keep their reduced sentence but ask them to produce a book about it, with any money made going to a charity, maybe a victims charity? Helping them pay their debt to society. Wouldn’t you like to know what was going through their minds, how they coordinated it all, how they thought they would escape but with a very sketchy escape plan? All in their own true voice. I think I would buy that book.

And as they say, the truth is often stranger than fiction…

Prison Music



Not a fictional post this week, but I would love to know people’s views. Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge LOGOTruth or fiction? Or does it depend on what it is and who is writing it? Would you read a prisoner’s story and would you trust them to tell the truth? Read other entries to the Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge HERE.


Following the Family Footsteps

“But I don’t think I’ve ever known such a natural at Potions!” said Slughorn. “Instinctive, you know — like his mother! I’ve only ever taught a few with this kind of ability, I can tell you that, Sybill — why even Severus —”― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Snape glanced down at the tiny bundle that had been placed into his arms. She was beautiful and he had no idea how he had become this lucky. He had never believed in second chances but now he knew Dumbledore had been right to give him one. This little creature laid in his arms was meant to be in this world.

“Have you thought of a name for her yet, Severus?” His wife asked sleepily. The exhaustion of birth having consumed her whole body, yet she still released a smile to him. Her eyes sparkling as she glanced down at the tiny fist. Dumbledore had given him this life.

“Yes I think I have” his eyes returned from his wife to his new daughter’s eyes, they were deep and dark like his own. “Dora”. He said so softly it was almost a whisper, but when the baby gave a small cry in his arms it made him laugh gently turning to his wife.

“Dora it is.”

–    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –    –   Wisdom begins in wonder - Socrates Dora glanced uneasily around the room. Potions. Her father had been desperate for her to excel and as much as she had, it was never her dream. Why should she follow what was written in a book? On a page. Someone else’s work and discovery, she wanted to make her own. Fill the world with her magic. She knew her father wouldn’t be happy. She was told to sit, listen and learn and she hated it.

Dora smiled at the others around her. Few of them smiled back. They knew her father. If they didn’t their parents did. Some were suspicious of him. Dora didn’t understand that. Didn’t they know how kind, caring and clever he was? So returned to her book and began scribbling. The recipe was so bland and simple, anyone with a tiny bit of magic in their little finger could do it. She changed it around a little, swapping the seeds for dried flowers, swapping the herbs for spices, swapping the water for wine.

“Right students, time to put the potion to practice”. The teacher Mrs Matilda Viridian said happily, breaking Dora’s concentration.

Dora walked to the shelves and started gathering the ingredients’ she had listed, returning to her bench she set to work. Immediately it was obvious she was doing something different, her potion was blue while those belonging to the other students were pink. Their potions simmered while hers boiled and bubbled. When it came to the end of the lesson and they let out the magic words each student had a tiny plant appear to grow from the pot.

Dora whispered the words into her pot and was knocked off her stool as the room began to vibrate. Out from pot grew gnarling twisting branches, that spread like arms around the classroom. They grabbed at each student and whirled at the Mrs Viridian. Everyone ran for the door but Dora’s teacher ran directly to the tree, standing between Dora and its base. The tree thrashed around the room, hitting tables and lights with its branches. Nevertheless, Mrs Viridian didn’t move she leaned closer and closer looking for something and discovering the knot she was looking for poked her wand into it hard. Instantly the tree was immobilised. Its branches hanging limply by its side.

“Mrs Viridian…” Dora started.

“Save it, Dora,” Mrs Viridian said. “There is no excuses. Now, go get Hagrid.”

Dora scrambled to her feet and headed for the door. “Miss, what do I say to Hagrid?”.

“Well, you quite simply tell him, that another member of the Snape family has grown a whomping willow during potions class and it needs rehoming.”

“Another… Snape…” Dora’s mouth opened and closed as she took in the words.

“Yes, your family always have had their way in a potions class. Now go get Hagrid before the roots settle permanently.”

“Yes, Miss.” Dora said and headed out of the class smiling, it sounded like her and her father had a few things to talk about.

Alan Rickman Quote - came, saw, conjured


Bordering on fanfiction this week. Not something I Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge LOGOnormally do but with inspirational words from J.K. Rowling and an image of Alan Rickman that I just couldn’t resist using, the above story was born! 🙂  

The theme this week – Wisdom….the original quote I quite liked was “Wisdom begins in Wonder – Socrates”, this led me down the school storyline and of course the first school that came to mind was the imfamous Hogwarts. Anyway, I hope people enjoyed it, check out Colleen @Silverthreading and Ronovan’s at Ronovan Writes  for more inspirational quotes to keep you writing. 

Hope you enjoyed! KL


My writing muse is always such a tease!

Ray Bradbury was quoted as saying,

“You must write every single day of your life…You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats on your crazy heads…may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.”

I sigh and twiddle the pen around staring at the paper. The story has completely stalled, although my spiral-come-dragon doodle has turned out pretty well. Still not really what I was after. I glance at the clock. 2o minutes left. That’s all I’ve got. Why am I sat here

I glance at the clock. 2o minutes left. That’s all I’ve got. Why am I sat here doodling? 20 minutes until I am back into my normal life, cooking dinner, doing the housework, preparing for work tomorrow. Sitting at this desk, writing is my dream. The story has been spinning around in my head for two long days.Whispering as I walk the dogs, babbling as I bathe, humming as I hoover. This is your chance story, go wild, live your dream have your story told to the world,

The story has been spinning around in my head for two long days.Whispering as I walk the dogs, babbling as I bathe, humming as I hoover. This is your chance story, go wild, live your dream have your story told to the world, or at least, to my blank page. Yet now that vivacious voice that is normally so alluring, is napping when I need it most.

I sigh and stand up to pack my things back into my laptop bag. There is no point pushing my luck, I know when I have been beaten. Sighing I glance KL.Caley-Writing-Thomas Carlyle desk - Ray Bradbury quotequickly at the clock, I only had 5 minutes left anyway. As I step through the doorway, the voice whispers “What if the door opened on its own?” Bag down, notebook and pen out, objects everywhere, I don’t even seek the chair, plonking myself firmly on the floor and begin to scribble furiously onto the page.

My writing muse is always such a tease! 


“You fail only if you stop writing”. – Ray Bradbury.

Although meant to be a fictional post this week, I Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge LOGO
fear this post is closer to reality than I’d have liked to admit. Alas, with the inspirational words of Ray Bradbury for my Writers Quote
Wednesday, who cannot resist the impulse to write! Not sure I really followed the theme this week….But anyway Check out Colleen @ Silverthreading 
and Ronovan’s at Ronovan Writes  for more inspirational quotes to keep you writing. 



Horizon – Short Story

Kate looked at the name as climbed onto the deck, The Horizon. Ironic, Kate thought, people talked of sailing off into the horizon, it had never been something she imagined doing. As she got to the top of the gangway, the young first mate took her hand gently, ensuring she was sure-footed. She thanked him and moved away but the warmth of his hand tingled on. She had caught a brief glimpse of his eyes and they’d startled her, she’d never seen such an emerald green. He blushed at her staring and turned his head away causing her to turn too.

She made her way along the deck looking for the doorway she’d been directed to. She paused looking over the side of the ship and back to the land but knew there was no-one there waiting for her.  Yet she couldn’t help but hope she’d hear Michael’s voice shouting over the crowds begging her to change her mind, to stay with him instead. Alas, she turned around, her heart heavy with the thought she would never see him again as she sailed to lands faraway. Gathering her resolve, she lifted her bag and made her way along and through the narrow door.

She checked the glass sign and made her way down the decks to the entertainment lounge, she had been instructed to meet there. Four flights down Kate began to lose her breath, she hoped this wasn’t every day she thought to herself, all the while smile at an elderly couple wandering along the corridor in their bathing suits.

On entering the lounge she could see a group of others with their luggage, so she made her way towards them smiling awkwardly as she squeezed past to find a seat. Within seconds, a loud voice broke over the tannoy informing all staff to report to the entertainment lounge unless otherwise informed by their team lead. There was eye-rolls by the bar staff who never-the-less moved behind the luggage group. Kate couldn’t help but look around and within five minutes the room was packed. A sharp looking woman in a perfectly tailored suit and heels that seemed far too high to wear on a ship walked in and took the floor off the stage. The room fell into an immediate rush and the woman began to talk effortlessly with no microphone.

“Today, we have five new teams starting. I want each of you to take them through the required drills within your area in the next 48 hours. I want no-one looking unprofessional by the time we set sail. You have two days people, those who aren’t up to it will be let go before we get out of this port. Understood?”

The group was silent. “Good. Area Leads take over.” With that, she spun on her shoes and walked away. As she approached the door, the first mate walked to the room.

“Oh, running a little late are we Thomas?”

“Ehhh….” Thomas stammered, but before he could get a sentence out suit responded. “Well done, Thomas. Late and quick witted, you’re a catch.” She nodded her head towards the stunned group. “Let’s hope you can teach this lot to be even better.” With that, she walked out the door in a hurry.

Thomas seemed to recover after she left. and walked towards the group. “Right newbies follow me I’ll show you where you sleep and then we’ll grab some food.” He turned around to leave and Kate hoisted her pack quickly to follow.

“Em… suit lady said we only have 48 hours to learn the ropes. Shouldn’t we get straight to training?”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Well, yeah but I need this job more than I need food.”

He stopped and looked at her, behind her was a small gathering of equally sheepish looking new starters.

“Look don’t worry about Trish. She isn’t the captain and she certainly isn’t the boss. It’s just easier to let her think she is. She’s actually pretty resourceful and does keep things ticking over. But her job here is entertainments manager, nothing serious, so just let her get it out her system, don’t slack off and you’ll be fine.”

Everyone relaxed a little and followed him as he distributed them into tiny twin cabins, with a map, and an envelope that would apparently tell them their roles, responsibilities & an insurance form.

After unpacking, Kate made her way up to the food court. She was surprised to see staff eating in the same areas as the guests. As the other new starters talked away her mind kept drifting. She had always thought this would be an adventure her and Michael would take together. He had seemed to want it as much as her. Her heart torn every time she thought of him. They had been about to start their lives together. She hated him for hurting her, for leaving her, for choosing to stay in that stupid town and for choosing that stupid girl. He had said he’d leave her, that’s why Kate had stuck around for so long. Now she felt stupid.

One of the leads stopped by the new starter table and the others began to chatter excitedly.

“Did you hear that?” the girl sat next to her with the healthiest salad Kate had ever seen, was staring at her enthusiastically.

“Sorry, what was that?” Kate said then quickly put another fork full of pasta into her mouth.

“The lead said there is a party on top deck tonight. Everyone’s invited. Isn’t that exciting.”

Kate nodded then continued eating her heart just wasn’t in it. She knew she should try to make friends try to fit in, but she couldn’t stop her mind drifting.

After dinner, Kate had a long hot shower then while getting ready chatted to her new room-mate. The girl was really nice and had only been on board a few weeks. ‘Long enough to show you how not to get lost, but not long enough to have remembered people’s names’, she laughed in a friendly way, and Kate was starting to feel a bit more settled.

Heading up to the party with her roommate she made her way to the packed bar. She quickly tallied up her money in her bank and realised she really should be sticking to water, but her nerves needed something stronger. Trying to get the over-worked bar guy’s attention. She leaned further and further over, she felt the object behind her move before she heard it, cringing she turned round quickly to see the first made and his very green eyes.

“I’m so, so sorry. Let me buy you another one?” She grabbed tissues of the bar and began to dab his sleeve with them.

He pulled back. “Hey, chill out. You don’t get paid enough here to be that stressed!” He smiled at her and she felt herself blush again. She stood nervously not knowing what to say next Thomas laughed and leaned over the bar.

“Hey Joe, Can we you pass us two bottles down when you get a sec?”

Within seconds the drinks appeared and Thomas was handling a bottle over to her. “Let me pay for that”, she began rummaging through her bag, hoping she had enough cash on her, but Thomas put his hand on hers.

“Look it’s cool. You can grab me one another time, yeah?… You don’t seem as excited about this trip as the others are? You wanna go some were and talk about it, there is a gorgeous view from the tennis courts and no-one’s there at this time?” He sent her that dazzling smile and before she knew what was happening Kate was following him up to the top deck.

“So what’s made you so unhappy to be going on this amazing adventure?” He smirked at her.

“Look I don’t really wanna go into it!”

“So a boy then?” She stared at him hard, this was not how she wanted the conversation to go. “Hey, I’m a guy, we can be jerks, I get it.” He held his hands up in protest.

“Yeah, it’s my ex. We were supposed to be doing this together. I’m not really the adventurous type.”

“I think you are.”

“You don’t know me!” She blurted at him.

“I know you came on this trip anyway. You were the first person to question me on disobeying Trish, you came up here with me all on your own. You took a chance when others wouldn’t. I think you’re gutsier than you gave yourself credit for.” Kate opened and closed her mouth unsure what to say next.

“On the Horizon, you’ll find a new life, a new family…” he leaned over and put his fingers on top of hers. “Maybe even a new person to give your heart to. Someone who’s an adventurer like you.” He winked at her, then pulled away, getting to his feet.

“Fancy a midnight dip in the roof-top pool?” he shouted, then giggling he ran towards the stairwell.

Kate took another swig of her bottle then got to her feet. “Wait up”, she shouted. Then ran to the stairwell laughing after him.

Storm - Elizabeth Edwards quote

Quote by Elizabeth Edwards (July 3, 1949 – December 7, 2010) an American attorney, a best-selling author, and a health care activist.

I hope you enjoy the short story on taking a chance and surviving. I think the plot could have been stronger and Kate is a bit wooly in places, but a reasonable attempt. Enjoy 🙂

Join in the #WQWWC  fun over on silverthreading to read more creative works on the theme “Survival”.