Who will you discover? – A Poem.

I was pleased to meet Einstein and learn of his story
He started as a patents clerk, before finding his glory
He published his General Theory of Relativity
But it took a solar eclipse to remove the science communities negativity,

Next I found Curie, and her life’s situation
Poland limited females, with no access to higher education
Yet still she triumphed, graduating top of her class
Winning Two Nobel Prizes, Oh what a lass!

Then I met Tesla, what an interesting chap
Arrived in New York with just the clothes on his back
An alternating motor was his brilliant design
Despite Edison’s attempt to thwart this brilliant mind.

Benjamin Franklin ran away at just seventeen
With no formal education or financial means
His genius for business soon made him rich
Yet his passion for fellow man is what made him tick!

So how did I find all these geniuses indeed?
I went to the library and started to read.
Here you have access to the world’s greatest minds
Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime!

‘I hear people saying that football or rock ‘n’ roll is the escape for the working class. I was always thinking, ‘No, it’s not – the library is the escape.’ That’s where the tunnel is. You’ve access to the great brains of the world and it’s free.

– Sir Billy Connolly

Originally written in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge (#WQWWC) hosted by Marsha Ingrao at Always Right.

Education can be one of life’s greatest gifts. Yet, we all learn by different ways and means and a standard exam cannot capture one’s intelligence, drive or brilliance. In fact, hands-on training can often be much more meaningful to an employer. I think there is a place for both in society. Equally, I love a success story, especially from an underdog and history has so many wonderful examples.

Take Care.



Library Transformed – Create a pheonix in the community!

My guilty pleasure is definitely book browsing!books & tea

Despite having a kindle (other brands of e-reader are available) and loving that I can store hundreds of books in the palm of my hand, I still love a real book shop or a library. There is something special about the presence of a book in your hand something that cannot be beaten.

I was both saddened and excited when I came across the following news article:-


A local library has been closed down as have so many over the last few years. However in an inspiring way the library has been transformed into a local community hub, with a café selling local produce and a gift shop selling goods created by craft enthusiasts in the local area.

This makes me wonder, if there was a need/opportunity for these facilities in the area, could councils not consider merging such opportunities with the library? I would love the opportunity to peruse the books on offer while enjoying a hot cuppa this is a facility Waterstones and costa have tapped into so clearly there is a market. I believe Starbucks in the states even have music & books to download with charging stations. Neil Gaiman_librarian

Libraries that are surviving are doing so by cutting there hours, as someone in full-time employment that actually makes the facility less useful for me. Instead I would like to see investment in alternative uses for the library what about crochet, knitting and craft groups, writing courses, language courses, trace your family tree; all these things aren’t just for the elderly. What about putting a modern twist on it and making bridal craft sessions? As someone who has recently got married on a budget I made my own invites, favours, orders of service, candy cart, post box etc etc. The wedding industry is huge and millions are spent each year on creating the perfect day! Combine this fun event with the cuppa and a cake and perhaps a selection of library loanable craft books, wedding advice or even some fictional romance novels (not to mention the 50 shades range!) and it really could be a hit, that saves our local library and brings the community together.

So although the old deathly silent libraries of the past would be on their way out. Instead of removing these great institutions the could become the phoenix of the community adapting to todays challenges.

Sterling North_comics bad_ libraries good