The Hospital Bed

The hospital bed

Hello my old friend

I was hoping I wouldn’t

See you again

The nurses are great

They work so hard

Those in power don’t notice

Until they’ve raised a placard

Someone mentioned patients

Can no longer get flowers

Days and nights merge as one

I count down the hours

I lay here hoping…

Waiting for the doctor to say

“You’re finally well enough

To be on your way.”



The ghosts and ghouls and goblins

Have been and had their play

It’s time for me to tidy up

Ready for another day

As I close the door behind them

And wish them all goodnight

Something creeps up behind me

And gives me an awful fright


Spent the day getting our home clean

As we’re having a party for Halloween


We’ve grown our pumpkins on our plot

For the little ones to pick their lot


We’ve got reapers, witches and the odd ghost

Ready to play the perfect hosts


Tables filled with all things sweet

Waiting for those who trick or treat


Hope you have the perfect day

And a little fun spookiness comes your way


Sometimes life gets busy

You just don’t find the time

To do all the things

That you had in mind

Making all the deadlines

Or making ends meet

Coming home from a day’s work

Feeling dead on your feet

But lighter loads do happen

Life will give you a break

Usually just as you think

There’s no more you can take

A problem shared is a problem halved

Or so the saying goes

So lean on those you hold close

You’re doing better than you know

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. – James N. Watkins

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

“Be sure to wear green
on March seventeen,
or else Irish leprechauns
pinch your bones clean!”

― Richelle E. Goodrich

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

I’ve got a touch of the Irish,
Just a little, on one side,
But it’s something that I’m proud of,
I wear that mantle with pride

I get it from my Papa
He came from Donegal
I miss his cheery demeanour
We always had a ball

He always looked for sunshine
Even when the sky was grey
He always saw the good things
In every single day

Originally written for Marsha’s WQW – St Patrick’s Day/Green prompt

Who will you discover? – A Poem.

I was pleased to meet Einstein and learn of his story
He started as a patents clerk, before finding his glory
He published his General Theory of Relativity
But it took a solar eclipse to remove the science communities negativity,

Next I found Curie, and her life’s situation
Poland limited females, with no access to higher education
Yet still she triumphed, graduating top of her class
Winning Two Nobel Prizes, Oh what a lass!

Then I met Tesla, what an interesting chap
Arrived in New York with just the clothes on his back
An alternating motor was his brilliant design
Despite Edison’s attempt to thwart this brilliant mind.

Benjamin Franklin ran away at just seventeen
With no formal education or financial means
His genius for business soon made him rich
Yet his passion for fellow man is what made him tick!

So how did I find all these geniuses indeed?
I went to the library and started to read.
Here you have access to the world’s greatest minds
Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime!

‘I hear people saying that football or rock ‘n’ roll is the escape for the working class. I was always thinking, ‘No, it’s not – the library is the escape.’ That’s where the tunnel is. You’ve access to the great brains of the world and it’s free.

– Sir Billy Connolly

Originally written in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge (#WQWWC) hosted by Marsha Ingrao at Always Right.

Education can be one of life’s greatest gifts. Yet, we all learn by different ways and means and a standard exam cannot capture one’s intelligence, drive or brilliance. In fact, hands-on training can often be much more meaningful to an employer. I think there is a place for both in society. Equally, I love a success story, especially from an underdog and history has so many wonderful examples.

Take Care.


The Mystery House – #writephoto

High upon the hillside, past the river and behind the trees.

Lies a forgotten house which no-one tends to see.

The old folk sometimes remember those who went before.

Yet the towns’ folk find the old stories such a bore.mystery-house-photo-by-sue-vincent


A young lady sets off adventuring on the land

Inspired by the folk tales told to her by her Gran

She comes across the house in the woods all alone

And peers through the doorway to check no-one’s home


“Who goes there?” Bellows a voice from within the dark

She gulps rather loudly ignoring the thumping of her heart

“It’s me Olive”, her voice says in a squeak

“I thought no-one lived her, I’m sorry I’ll, leave.”


Rather disappointed Olive turned around to leave

“Come in child, you’re here now, you might as well have tea.”

Olive walked into the house that’s hidden in the wall

Finding herself facing an old woman 8 feet tall.


“Move Oscar out the way child and take a seat over there”

Olive looked across the hovel spotting a black cat in a chair.

Oscar didn’t take to kindly from being shifted from his perch.

Olive was a bit unnerved when he hissed and swiped at her.


Olive smiled politely as the tea was served

The cake that went along with it was superb

Her belly now full and the sun beginning to set

Olive said goodbye to the old lady she had met.


You thought there’d be a twist in the tale is that about right?

That Olive would be gobbled up or given a real fright

I thought I would be kinder to this old woman living alone

Besides, I never told you if Olive made it home?….

I think I had way-way to much fun writing this! There was so many delightfully devilish options popping into my mind. I love this image, so intriguing. If you want to ive it a go too, head over to Sue’s Page Thursday Photo Prompt – Mystery #writephoto and join in the prompt.KL ❤

6 Years Together – It’s a Dog’s Life

Dog Bed exploded!

Apparently it popped up on Facebook
That this was 6 years to the day
I don’t understand what the problem was
I kept myself busy that day

This wouldn’t really have happened
Had she not left me alone anyway
Apparently she’s got this work stuff
That means she can’t stay home and play

Millie asleep

Each morning I get a nice long walk
Now that she’s learned her lesson
I’m much more lively than Millie
So you could say it was a blessing

Laddie Millie - Walks

I don’t need as much sleep
And need a lot more room to play
Now we have a new house
For me to roam in each day

I even have my own bedroom
But from the letterbox for some reason I’m banned
She didn’t want those bills anyway
I’m sure I was lending a hand

Laddie - White Bed

So 6 years together – we’ve made it
I’ve found my forever family
We may cause chaos together but
She wouldn’t change a thing about me

It is a Dog’s Life after all. – Laddie 🐾

Millie - A dogs life

It’s all about I

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fearful Symmetry.”

Challenge: Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

I once took part

In a writing challenge

It really took some time

I couldn’t think of a letter to

Initiate each line

It was something of a dilemma

I pondered for some time

In the end I took the easy route

In mastering my lines

It was a selfish

Indulgence, for which I cannot lie

I cheated just a little bit

In choosing the letter


Walking a mile in your shoes…


Walking in someones shoesWalk with me

I get up and look around me
The sights seem the same
Or do they, what should I see
What’s the point of this game

 My feet start to walk
But I know these shoes do not fit
I wish you would just talk
And I’d help you get through it

I turn round the corner
And see a stranger come closer
I feel my world getting smaller
But they go by and my panic is over

Why am I feeling this?
What has gone wrong?
Is there something I have missed?
You were always so strong.

I continue forward
More cautious this time
Your burden I am carrying
It weighs on my mind

We know we can make it
We’ve been through so much
Maybe not something this tragic
But enough is enough

The end is approaching
Your goal was achieved
I’ve walked this mile over
And now I believe

I know the answer
I’ve walked the mile
I’ve been in your shoes
And I know it’s been vile

But now is the moment
Now you must choose
To open your heart
And let me help you… get through