#Writephoto Round-Up – Rabbit

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This week’s prompt photo has a really fun feel to it. I am so pleased to have had so many creative responses from you all. Do have a read through them, they are fabulous.

I hope you all had a marvellous easter break (for those that celebrate this holiday) and enjoyed some tasty treats.
I love the holidays but I seem to be plagued by a hate of all things cinnamon. So many yummy christmassy things have cinnamon and hot cross buns do too. Oh well more choccy instead.

Rabbit – Image by KL Caley

My entry:

The rabbit’s gathered round, ears down, fluffy cotton tails in the air.

Shhs ogojaojs pofpsfjs. Their hushed whispering flew over the air but no words could be made out.

Occassionally they looked up and over their shoulder to check no-one was listening, no-one was coming.

But one special rabbit was. As he’d sat alone in his burrow the previous evening, he had taken a cupcake and put a candle in the centre. Closing his eyes tight, he made a wish.

The next morning on his bedside lay a comical pair of glasses. Laughing he placed them on and went to the mirror to check them out.

“What?!” he exclaimed, followed by a sharp intake of breath. For in the mirror, there was no reflection, just the glasses.

I can have some fun with this, he thought. The next day he took a stroll through the village donning his new glasses.

No-one noticed him, but then that was nothing new for Bradley, no-one had ever noticed him.

On his walk, he came across Mrs Fuzz. Mrs fuzz was carefully sorting apples into baskets, as she turned to collect some more he quickly took a delicious red apple from the top of her pile and walked off with it. If anyone had noticed they would have seen a floating apple slowly disappearing in the air bite by bite.

Around the next corner, he stood outside Mr Downy’s burrow, watching as the old rabbit stomped and chuntered away. Bradley crept closer until he was right behind Mr Downy. He let out a giggle but Mr Downy was so engrossed in his task he didn’t even notice the sound. Every time Mr Downy placed down a tool, Bradley picked it up and moved it to the other side of Mr Downy. He stifled a giggle at his own genius. Several times Mr Downy let out a frustrated groan when his tool was missing. Then to find it again.

“I’m loosing the bloomin’ plot”, muttered Mr Downy as yet again another tool seemed to move on it’s own.

Continuing on his way, Bradley came across the huddled bunnies. Why was he always left out? Thinking quickly he made his way over to the hedge then hovered just above the bunnies secret discussion.

Not quite quick enough he heard the last few lines.

“So we’ve agreed, party at the old roost at 7.” All the bunnies nodded then began to hop with excitement. Disbanding they set off on their way.

A party? thought Bradley, and I’m not invited. He disappeared back into the bush and curled up tight into a ball. Before long, he was asleep.

When he woke up it was dark outside. Oh no, thought Bradley, what time is it?

Without a thought he made his way to the old roost but when he arrived there was no lights on and it was silent. This was weird. He walked up to the door and pushed it open.

“Surprise”, all the bunnies shouted. Lights came on, music started and everyone began to sing, “Happy Birthday to you”.

“For me?” Bradley asked, and then surprised he touched his head. His glasses, he didn’t have them on, everyone could see him. As realisation hit that Bradley had left his glasses in the bush, he had no time to dwell as soon people where frusting him forward.

“Look at this Bradley, look at this!” They shouted excitedly and everyone made space to show Bradley a wooden cart.

“What do you think Bradley?” said Mr Downy, standing back and admiring it proudly.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I had hoped to get it painted but it took me longer than normal to make the thing for you.” Bradley gulped guiltily.

“For me?”

“Of course, it’s our special birthday present to you.” Bradley was awestruck, words stopped in his throat and he felt his eyes well up.

“Over here Bradley.” Someone shouted and within seconds he was spun around and pushed towards a generous buffet.

“I’ve made all your favourite’s Bradley.” Said Mrs Fuzz excitedly, then whipping round she picked up a huge Apple pie. “Better than a birthday cake isn’t it Bradley?”

He nodded and once again the bunnies burst into a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you” whilst the apple pie was presented with a candle on the top.

“Make a wish Bradley”, they all shouted.

“Oh I don’t need one,” he said. “I have everything I need right here.”

The next day Bradley searched the hedge high and low but he couldn’t find any trace of the glasses.

With Sue’s permission, I took up the #writephoto reigns and asked you all to join in once again on this creative challenge. I’ve had so many wonderful responses and enjoyed each and every one. I have tried to reblog a few since the post went out so hopefully, you will have seen some of them trickling through, but here is the list below (if I have missed anyone, please let me know). It makes for fantastic reading.


I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge published today at 12 o’clock GMT.

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto – rabbit

With special thanks to Sue who originally made the #writephoto challenge so meaningful for all of us.

Take Care
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    1. Thank you so much Sadje. Another round of fabulous responses, this seemed to bring out the humorous side to most. I loved it. Thank you so much for taking part again. KL ❤

    1. Aww, thank you. Yea, I have had to follow a few this morning as I was wondering why they never show up in my reader. Doh! Hope you all enjoy today’s prompt. KL ❤

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