#Writephoto Round-Up – THROUGH

Kat had enjoyed the morning wandering around the castle, but despite the fresh spring day, there was an undeniable chill in the air.

“Ben, can we go?” she gave an exaggerated shiver to hammer home her point.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go back.” He turned to head back down the path they had come from.

“Wait”, said Kat. “Look over there. An opening. I bet that’s a shortcut back to the entrance.”

“I’m not sure we should go that way, it’s not in the brochure.” Ben began folding out the map to double-check but Kat snatched it from him.

“Never mind that. They probably wouldn’t publish it anyway. They want us all herded back via the gift shop so they can make more money. Come on let’s go.”

They made their way down the grassy hills. Ben regularly glanced over his shoulder to check if anyone was coming. Kat however was now getting a march on. As they approached the entrance something didn’t feel right.

“It looks dark through there, Kat.”

“Don’t be daft we can see grass.”

“But…”, before he could finish his sentence Kat had headed through the archway. He paused and looked behind him again just to check no one was coming to stop them when the rocks in front of him began to shake.

“Kat!” he shouted into the vibrating structure, but she was nowhere to be seen. Small stones and dust began to fall around him and he took a few steps back. Was this thing about to fall on top of him. Yet he couldn’t help thinking there was a kind of order about the way the bricks moved, they seemed to all be moving together. Within a few seconds, the moving stopped and Ben finally could see through the dust that the bricks had moved to fill in where the doorway had been. What the?..

Ben ran back up the pathway as fast as he could, it seemed harder now. Where the grass had been short now it was long and straggly with weeds and thistles grasping at his jeans. He pushed his way onward and finally gasping for air he arrived at the gift shop.

“The…entrance…just…closed…in…on..my…girlfriend…” he said to the clerk behind the counter and then bent double desperately trying to get his breath back.

“What?” the clerk looked really confused.

“The wall….”

“The curtain wall?”, the clerk asked.

“Yes! Exactly. The doorway in it closed on my girlfriend.”

“What doorway?”

“The arched doorway.”

“Sorry mate, I have no idea what you are on about. That stone curtain wall has been standing for over 600 years. Impenetrable mate, that’s how it’s still there. No doorways.”

Ben was now really confused he turned to leave. He had to go back maybe he was describing it wrong. Before he left, a thought occurred to him.

“What’s on the other side of the wall?”

“50-foot drop mate, straight down to the river.”

Through – Image by KL Caley

This lovely little archway is a feature at Barnard Castle (which apparently had a huge boost in visitor numbers last year, one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic).

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