I Write For…

“When she was doing other things—schoolwork, chores, exercising—Madi had to work to keep herself interested. Writing was the opposite. Finishing a blog always left her more ‘full’ than empty.”

― Danika Stone

I write for myself,
I write for my pleasure,
I write to create
Something I can treasure.

I write to have been
I write to be seen
I write to meet others
Whose knowledge I can glean

I write for expression,
I write to escape,
I write to explore
The ever-changing landscape

I write as my passion,
I write to feel free,
I write to show the world
A little piece of me.

When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play. Martin Yan

Why do you write?

My friend Hui told me the greeting for Chinese New Year is “Gong Hei Fat Choy” (apologies if I have got that wrong) which I think translates to something like “wishing you prosperity”. So to all those beginning the Chinese New Year Celebrations for the Year of the Tiger, I wish you prosperity.

Originally written in response to:

Much Love.



24 thoughts on “I Write For…

  1. You wove all of those words and thoughts together so effortlessly, KL. I’m sure it wasn’t effortless, but you make it seem so. 🙂 Thanks for your entry. It’s perfect. 🙂

  2. Hi KL,
    I picked up this gem from Marsha’s Feb wrap-post.
    I should point out that I don’t have the poetic gene so am confused by most poetry in general.
    That said, this piece caught my attention because of the title.
    I too feel driven to write; to create a series of words that leave an mental mark somehow, so I was keen to see if I could make sense of your poem above and am pleased to let you know that I not only understood it, but felt like you wrote it for me, ordering some random set of thoughts that I’d not yet tried to articulate.
    There are only a few poets and poems that resonate with me,
    You and this poem are now part of a very small list.
    So very well said my friend, bravo.

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words, Gary. Poetry alludes me in general but this seemed to come quite naturally, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. KL ❤

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