#Writephoto Round-Up – Window

The lord sat at the high table. Chortling and chuckling at the stories from his men at either side. A grand roaring fire behind him, as well as the wine he was consuming in vast quantities, gave him a rosy tint to his cheeks.

The further down the hall the colder the room got, the guests did not like to complain less their invites get revoked (or worse!) but a great many of them thought it was about time he sorted those missing windows out!

Window – Image by KL Caley

This magnificent view is from one of the windows of Barnard Castle (yes, the place of Dominic Cummings fame). It’s actually a joyful place to walk around (when not going for an eye test of course). The town itself has a beautiful little cobbled marketplace and a great collection of mostly independent shops. The Castle is one of the real attractions though. Still standing strong and proud. With spectacular views all along the river.

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