Life is an Adventure

Last week, I took my little guy on an adventure. As we become more mature, it’s very easy for our lives to become more prosaic. My journey didn’t quite go to plan but in an odd way, it still captured my heart.

Akiane Kramarik eyes of a child quote

Mama’s Day:

  • Train arrived 5 mins late
  • Train then broke down – 39 minutes late
  • Missed transfer
  • Had 4 minutes to quickly get on the next transfer, hauling bags, buggy and slow-moving small human across a crowded and unfamiliar train station.
  • Wait 30 mins for a bus in the dark
  • Heard Blippi sing “I’m an Excavator” song in abundance (and refusing to quit playing in my head, long into the night)

LJs Day:

  • Got to see loads of trains at the train station then got on one!
  • Train started going backwards and the driver kept speaking over the tannoy.
  • Got to see loads more trains at another station.
  • Got to eat sandwiches and a gingerbread man.
  • Got to watch Blippi.
  • Watched Mama puff and pant her way across a train station, although not impressed she didn’t let me put the train ticket through the twirly machine.
  • Another train – woohoo.
  • Got to see loads of buses at the bus stop, even double-decker ones!
  • A bus ride in the dark.
  • Got to stay up way past bedtime.

Snuggled up in our quilt at bedtime about to drift off to sleep, he told me he’d had the best train day ever 😁

Summary: See the world through the eyes of a toddler! ❤

Pure Joy! Mama and LJ at the Train Station

Originally written in response to:

Sadje’s – WDYS Prompt #118

Much Love.



22 thoughts on “Life is an Adventure

    1. Thank you. It’s amazing what a bit of reflection and change of perspective does (although I certainly didn’t feel this way whilst barging my way through the train station – haha). KL ❤

  1. What a lovely story KL. If only we can see through the eyes of children how refreshing would our view be. Thanks for joining in with this important lesson.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Sadje.
      He amazes me all the time. With everyday life, we forget just how amazing things are until this tiny person excitedly points out something. KL ❤

      1. You’re welcome my friend! That’s so right, we adults have become jaded with age while the young people see everything with fresh perspective.

  2. Such a perfect day, as every day could be if only we would set aside all worries and concerns about things that inevitably never happen! Would that we could all be as little children.

    1. This is such a beautiful comment, Peter, thank you. Exactly, things that are everyday life are actually pretty impressive. Sometimes we just need a little reminder. KL ❤

    1. He loves a train, with covid and lockdowns he hasn’t had the chance to experience too many but I think that just makes them all the more exciting. Mama prefers them when they run on time – haha. KL ❤

    1. He was delighted, despite being knackered. I thought I’d have a super cranky pants to deal with the next day but he was fine. KL ❤

  3. What an adorable story, KL. Isn’t it amazing how different it is to look through the eyes of a child who doesn’t have the pressures of time or having obligations to do anything specific? Absolutely precious. 🙂 Thanks for linking. 🙂

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