Review of The Order of the White Boar

Genre: Youth Adult Fiction – Historical Fiction

The Order of the White Boar by Alex Marchant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Order of the White Boar – Cover

📖 I purchased this book having met this author at Middleham Castle. The author came across as very passionate about history and indeed, Richard III, I was intrigued to find out more so purchased this book, the first in the series. Needless to say, I was very impressed.

✍️ This book primarily follows the story of young Matthew Wansford (Matt), who starts as a young page in training at Middleham Castle, home of King Edward IV’s brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. He quickly encounters both a foe and friendships at the Castle and embarks on a journey that will change him from a young boy into a man. When asked to accompany the Duke on a journey south to London, Matt’s life changes beyond his wildest expectations, but in a world where loyalties can be costly, has Matt taken the right path in support of the Duke? Only time will tell.

👫 The book covers many issues, including estrangement from family, bullying, friendship, romance and more. The subjects are all handled delicately, making this book suitable for young teens but also not shied away from, which I loved. Life back then was hard, for young and adults alike, and the author captures this well.

👓 One of the great things about this book is the pace. A lot happens quickly in young Matt’s life. Historical fiction can be slow, lofty and full of excessive detail, but this book isn’t, whilst there is enough detail to give you a feel for the period, it isn’t bogged down with descriptions.

🗺 The setting of this book is primarily Middleham Castle, a location I love. The author does a great job of really capturing the hustle and bustle of castle life, the way it would have been. The hunts are also well-described and full of detail.

💔 Any Negatives: This story definitely feels like it is leading up to more. So although enjoyable as a story on its own, I think the others in the series will likely better it. No shock there, especially knowing in real-life the troubles awaiting the future of the Kingdom, but I just thought it was worth a mention that really towards the end of the book, the adventure is really just beginning.

💭 Overall View: A really brilliant start to what I’m sure will be a fantastic series. This book shows Richard and his family in a new more gentle light than the way his story is often told. I loved the youthful aspect of it and the sense of adventure, and the loyalty and friendship featured in the book.

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