Little Wins

Today I am doing a happy dance.

I haven’t been focussing as much as I’d like to lately, but every now and then I have a little burst of motivation. Today was one of those days. I met up with my writing group this morning and with a little help and encouragement, I wrote over 1600 words of my novel.

Celebrate the little wins!

I’ve got a hectic month in August so unfortunately my own creative time will be limited (but I will still be doing the Thursday #writephoto challenge etc) so for me today was a win. I think it’s important to celebrate those little moments of joy. I also got the bedding all washed and gave the house a good tidy this weekend (because I am that rock n roll) – huzzah.

Are you celebrating any small wins?


11 thoughts on “Little Wins

    1. Ooh well done. I love when the weather plays ball so I can get my laundry done. We’ve had a few showers today, I’ll send it your way. ☔️😁

  1. What great news, my little win is I’ve designed a poster for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It won’t get selected but I’ve got up the nerve to at least take the chance

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