“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

– George Eliot

I wake up hot and sweaty,

I stumble down the stairs,

You smile at me and wag your tale

Waiting patiently right there

You don’t care that my hair’s a mess,

Or that I’ve not yet brushed my teeth,

You still greet me excitedly

As I let you out to pee.

Showered and dressed we’d head on out

Before others begin their day

You sniff and stop at every tree

Marking out your way

Home it’s time for breakfast

You curl back up in bed.

As I prepare for work, You prepare

for a sleepy day ahead

Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. – George Eliot

Originally written in response to Marsha’s WQW #27: Agreeable Animal Amigos

We lost our little old lady earlier this year, and although there is a space in my heart and in the house, we’ve decided at this time, we’re just not ready to have another. I still instinctively go to open the back door, the other day the white of a sheet flickering on the laundry line caught the corner of my eye and I briefly thought it was her wandering the bag garden waiting to be let in. My little boy has asked us more than once when she’s coming back from her holidays. I’m still not ready to tell him she’s never coming back. Anyway, whatever path she’s wandering (and I like to think it’s got a lovely beach with water to splash around, or a nice forest for her to sniff around excitedly), I hope she knows we love and miss her.

18 thoughts on “Pets

  1. You could be describing my life. Except that I have a hard time getting out too early. Things go better if I do go out early.

  2. Oops you made cry, this is so heartfelt it is beautiful. I am easy to tears because our beautiful girl is struggling.
    I am sure your little man will cope when you tell him the sad news.. children often cope better with life, death , illness than we actually do 💜💜

    1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that Willow, our four-legged family are equally as important (some times more so) than the humans around us and seeing them suffer at all is just heartbreaking. I know he’ll probably be fine, it’s probably more me not ready to say it out loud to him. But I’ll get there. Thank you so much for the lovely message. ♥️♥️

  3. I hear you. We lost Maggie in November 2020 and the pain is still raw, even though we have Maya now. I didn’t want another dog, but after three months, Hubby said I was shit without a dog and it was obvious I was not handling it well. We found Maya by chance in February this year and it is like she has always been here. Hubby calls her Maggie sometimes but she is totally different apart from the four legs, shedding and a waggy bit. We have a PIR light on the floor in the bedroom, a remnant of Maggie so that she could see to get up for drink in the night. It comes on for no reason but we won’t put it away or switch it off. I wonder what she’s making of Maya? Maggie has her place in my heart as does Barney and Kizzy before her, plus all the other dogs I have loved in my lifetime. My heart just grows to make room for one more rather than diminish the memories of those already there. Lovely post KL.

  4. It always takes a while when you lose an animal. You can never fill their place. It’s like watching a great sad movie or reading a fabulous novel. It takes a while to recover and get back to reality. Our pets are our family as many of your readers have said. It’s always a long time before I am ready to put my heart up for grabs again after losing a pet. Lots of love and hugs to you and your family. xxx

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