The Basics of Copyright Law

A quick rundown of copyright law and how it works.

The Basics of Copyright Law

Tapas and Trumps…

Aren’t children exciting?

We stopped for dinner in Penrith at a tapas restaurant tonight. It was a really cute and cosy little restaurant. My family was on a corner table. Then in the window there’s a nice couple having a romantic meal. The toddler was very well behaved until he’d finished with his meal and got a little bored as hubby and I were still eating.

From nowhere, he loudly announced, “Who likes trumping, put your hand up?” The couple at the table were killing themselves laughing.

Laughter is the best medicine

Cathedrals, Cannons, and Cuppas in Carlisle…

My husband is just a little angel. When life gets stressful, he knows how to make the world a little sunnier (even on a wet drizzly day).

Today, we headed to Carlisle. The weather wasn’t great but the scenery, tea and cake were all marvellous. Just what I needed.

Thank you for the lovely messages from my wonderful wp friends. I am absolutely fine, just life throwing us a few curveballs.

Take care.

KL ❤️

Local Adventures

Today we donned our wellies and raincoats and headed outside in search of adventure. Whilst I’m not a particularly fan of the rain and happy to curl up inside with a book when it pays us a visit, we were ready for a little dose of the good outdoors (and little guy cares not a jot what the weather’s doing).

So we headed to our local castle and played knights, tackled monsters, and found hidden treasures.

Merlin, our trusted steed, got a bit soggy, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too.

KL ❤️

Time flies…

It’s my anniversary 😁

WordPress popped up to tell me that today is my 12 year anniversary of starting this blog. I’ve had quite a few breaks from blogging over the years when life has pulled me in other directions 🙃 but it is something I love and I have met so many wonderful, talented and fascinating people whilst blogging so thank you to each of you who encourage me to keep going and keep growing as a writer too.

Much Love

KL ❤️