The Boy and The Wolf

Fresh snow crunches beneath my footsteps as I search the abandoned castle. I know the child and the wolf passed through here, I have followed the steps for many miles. More than that, it was foretold a long time ago. My family have watched the woods ever since, but as the only son in a generation of female heirs, I knew it would be my destiny to discover the child and the wolf. My pulse quickens as just up ahead I hear a crunch in the snow that does not belong to my steps. Finally, I have found them.

Snow Steps by Sue Vincent
Snow Stairway – Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

A very, very late edition to the 100 word story hosted by Sue Vincent – I know this probably doesn’t hold up as a story on it’s own with it leaving a lot of questions open but I really liked the voice of the hunter, it seemed to call to me. Maybe something I can develop in the future.


9 thoughts on “The Boy and The Wolf

    1. Thanks Sue, sorry it’s such a late entry. Such an interesting photo. You have so many participants this week I am sure I have missed some as I’ve only had my mobile on me, looking forward to the round-up. KL ❀

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