The Workplace Learning Curve

I’m quite a gullible person. It’s something I am getting better with as I get older but I can be very gullible particularly at work. This isn’t entirely my fault, I work with engineers who I am starting to realise can be too intelligent for their own good.

An example; for a long-time it seemed to be a challenge to see what the craziest thing I would add into a manual would be. Doesn’t sound too bad but with a world of tapped bosses, upper rear bump protectors, hot male stabs, female receptacles (all of these are genuinely engineering terms or so I have been led to believe), you can imagine how many crazy words the guys had me searching for!

That being said, I have joined in on the same joke. We once managed to convince one of the office girls that she shouldn’t get a black car as they were more expensive to insure because you can’t see them in the dark.


We managed to convince another girl that there are no trees in France. She thought about it a while then said abruptly, “I have seen them on skiing videos”. This then promptly lead to an explanation about fake trees being installed like some people have fake grass.

I guess it’s that learning curve for new starters. Long gone are the tartan paint and long stands, but the joke doesn’t stop. I wonder if there are any of these for new writers?


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