Superbia’s story – humility

Superbia entered the town’s walls muttering to himself. For the last half a mile he had been stuck behind a train of merchants mostly watching the swishing of a tale of a donkey’s ass. Why had his father sent him to this god-forsaken town? Pride had always been a slight problem for him, but being one of seven children he knew he had to be the best – how else was he to get any of his fathers attention and a fair share of his fathers wealth?

“Superbia”, he heard a voice call out in the crowd and turned to see a rotund figure heading towards him.

“Patruus”, Superbia waved back and as his uncle grew closer, he embraced him in a hug. As the train of merchants began to move again slowly through the town walls Patruus and Superbia walked side-by-side in comfortable silence.

“So, your father has told me you have lost your way Superbia. I make no bones, he told me he found you drunk crawling through town.”

“I wasn’t…” Superbia started to explain Avaritia’s evil set-up but Patruus held his hand up.

“It matters none to me, I helped raise your father into the good strong man he is today, and I can see the same in you. But you will have to put in a lot of hard work. Your father has said I am only to send you home once I am happy with your progress.” Superbia nodded in response. Although the remaining journey was spent in friendly discussion about Superbia’s brothers and sisters, Superbia could not wait to get to his uncle’s home and enjoy a nice hot meal and comfortable bed. His uncle’s wealth was beyond that of even his fathers and Superbia couldn’t wait to enjoy a little of that luxury, even if it was just to boast about it to his brothers and sisters back home. He was unaware his uncle had other plans.

After dropping of the cart and entering the cool home, Superbia was instantly happy to be out of the heat. He was in awe of the size of his uncle’s home, rooms to the left and right, cellars and stairways and a central courtyard with a garden and a fountain, it was all truly breath-taking. He turned to his Uncle, “Pat, may I see my room?”

“Of course”, Pat smiled happily, this way. Pat walked ahead of Superbia down one of the darker corridors, Superbia noticed the floor was rather plain compared to the beauty of the entrance hall, and in some places, the white walls even seemed to be crumbling a little. “Here we go”, his uncle said opening the room door wide for Superbia to see. Superbia stepped inside, there was only a hard wooden single bed and a wooden chair.

Superbia glanced up and down his body, would he even fit on that tiny bed? There was nowhere to put his things. He turned to his uncle thinking this to be a joke but his uncle was gone, putting his head out the room Superbia could see Pat was already making his way down the corridor.

“I shall leave you to get settled Superbia, see you in an hour for our evening meal together”, Pat called over his shoulder.

Superbia slumped down onto the hard bed. His father must truly want him to suffer. This was not what Superbia had had in mind at all.

After his hour Superbia was desperate to leave his tiny cell-like room and make his way to his uncle’s courtyard. As he approached he could hear many voices chattering and was excited to enter his uncle must have thrown him a party! But as Superbia entered the bright area, he could see the dressware of his uncle’s guests was poor, some even wore no shoes. Superbia tried not to stare agog but every now and then a detail caught his eye that he could not help question, lack of shoes, a rip in clothing, dirty hands or feet.

“Aaah Superbia”, his Uncle walked over and patted him cheerfully on the back, “You have finally arrived, let’s all eat.” Superbia turned away so his back was to the guests and tugged his uncle round with him. “Pat, who are all these people?”

“Oh dear boy, these are my friends and colleagues. You must recognise a few of them, some of them have been with the household since you were a child.” Pat turned back at the crowd and waved happily as everyone began to take their place at the table.

“You have invited your servants to eat with us”, Superbia could not help hide the anger in his voice.

“I do not have servants, I have employees and colleagues. They are all good and honest people, which is why they dine with me. You would do well to remember they are here because I chose for them to be, you are here because your father chose for you not to be with him. Does that make you better than them? I think not.” With that and his face once again filled full of smiles Pat returned to his table and raised a toast to his guests.

Superbia followed, his anger burning inside. How could his uncle and his father treat him this way? He picked at the fine selection of food and spent the majority of the evening stabbing at the leftovers on his plate. However the rest of the group merry with fine wine had a wonderful evening. After the meal was cleared away music started and several of the group Roman_drinking_cheersincluding his uncle left the table to dance.

After a while Superbia stood up, deciding his cell-like room was better than this but as he turned around a vision of beauty stood before him. She blushed shyly and twirled a strand of her hair nervously.

“Umm.. would you like to dance?” she finally asked boldly.

“Me,” Superbia looked around him but it was just the two of them. “Yes, I would love to”.

After several dances the pair returned to table and began to chatter.

“Why did you come talk to me, I can’t have been particularly friendly looking?” Superbia said. He knew he was the best looking guy in the room and was sure she was about to pay him a compliment.

“I felt pity for you.” The girl answered. “I do not know what made you so sad, as your uncle has invited you to live in his beautiful home and put on such a wonderful meal , I suspect it is missing your family and I know how that feels.”

Superbia was gobsmacked. This was not what he had thought and to this he did not know what to say, she was right. Yet he still felt frustrated at the situation. So he just nodded.

“It is late, I must leave, I am to work the market stall early tomorrow so I must be going.” She sighed slightly, clearly not entirely wanting to leave.

“Wait, what is your name?” he asked as she stood.

“Humilitas”, she smiled at him.

“May I see you again, Humilitas?”

“Of course”, she giggled, “You’re uncle has arranged for you to work the stalls with me.”

Superbia was once again cross with his uncle, to work in the market place. That was definitely something his father would not expect him to do. Yet at the thought of seeing humilitas again Superbia felt his heart lift. He made his way across the courtyard to his uncle’s side.

“Good night Uncle. Thank you for the great meal and fun evening.” He turned and made his way down the corridor, so did not see his uncle’s smile. It was the first time Superbia had shown any signs of humility.

Superbia, exhausted from the dancing and the wine fell into his bed, he did not even notice how hard or cramped it was. Sleep soon took him as his dreams played over what tomorrow could bring. A day with humilitas, what could be better?


————————————————————————————————- Hope you enjoyed Superbia’s Story – humility, another 7 deadly sins based story.. To find out why Superbia got banished to Patruus’s care see this earlier post –“Superbia’s Story – Pride Before a Fall”. I would love to know what people think of this themed series. Thanks for reading. KL


Mount Vesuvius

Last year as part of our honeymoon, myself and the other half booked a trip to climb Mount Vesuvius. Not the most romantic of excursions but it is something to tick of the bucket list. Well, I am not the fittest of people and my other half, well let’s just say had been taking part in insanity fitness programme, goes mountain biking weekly and works as a land surveyor (lots of speed-walking). About half-way up the trail I was dawdling so told my partner I was going to stop at one of the posts for a breather and to take some pretty pictures. So off I went camera lifted in the air snapping away and when I turned round he was gone! He had continued up the remainder without me. Worse than that he had the bottles of water in his back-pack!

To cut a long story short I have never walked so quickly in my life, nothing like a bit of anger to overcome any signs of un-fitness, it practically propelled me up the mountain. When I appeared at the top red-faced (not sure if it was from anger or exertion!) he found it hilarious that he had left me abandoned halfway up a mountain with no water. I still maintain I had the most beautiful photo’s from my slow-clicking ascent. Looking back I can find it funny and I have learned a valuable lesson. The vows should have been

“To Have and To Hold
In Sickness and in Health
Unless you are climbing too frickin slowly
up a mountain in which case I’m off!”

…and just to prove I made it 🙂


The Workplace Learning Curve

I’m quite a gullible person. It’s something I am getting better with as I get older but I can be very gullible particularly at work. This isn’t entirely my fault, I work with engineers who I am starting to realise can be too intelligent for their own good.

An example; for a long-time it seemed to be a challenge to see what the craziest thing I would add into a manual would be. Doesn’t sound too bad but with a world of tapped bosses, upper rear bump protectors, hot male stabs, female receptacles (all of these are genuinely engineering terms or so I have been led to believe), you can imagine how many crazy words the guys had me searching for!

That being said, I have joined in on the same joke. We once managed to convince one of the office girls that she shouldn’t get a black car as they were more expensive to insure because you can’t see them in the dark.


We managed to convince another girl that there are no trees in France. She thought about it a while then said abruptly, “I have seen them on skiing videos”. This then promptly lead to an explanation about fake trees being installed like some people have fake grass.

I guess it’s that learning curve for new starters. Long gone are the tartan paint and long stands, but the joke doesn’t stop. I wonder if there are any of these for new writers?

The Confrontation

At the time of viewing our house we thought the garden was a little small. The neighbours_cartoonstock_imageowner at the time told us the neighbour may let us buy a patch of her garden, something they’d already discussed. But then the neighbour’s house went for sale. We’d missed our chance. Luckily it never sold! Instead the owner decided to rent. After a few months of seeing no activity in the garden and it developing into a jungle we approached the renters and asked for the landlords details. The renter point blank refused and closed the door on me. My jaw-dropped!


Obviously that’s not the whole story but the most info I could give in 100 words. The saga continues….

The power of emotional baggage

Baggage Check
We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

Wiki description – Emotional baggage is an everyday expression that correlates with many varied but similar concepts within social sciences, self-help movements, and other fields: its general concern is with unresolved issues of an emotional nature, often with an implication that the emotional baggage is detrimental.

There’s nothing as motivating than your baggage… for me anyway. Not to toot my own horn, but I like to look at the negatives in my life and try to make them a positive. I think most of my decisions have been based on my baggage as it makes me strive for better things in my life.

Take my home for instance, I grew up as a child in a council house, which itself is not a bad thing but as I was growing up the families in my street all started buying their houses, something we thought we would never do. I remember the burning jealousy as the council came round to re-paint the council houses and suddenly our house was painted a bright crisp magnolia, highlighting that we didn’t own it. I remember my friend saying her mum and dad had been the first to buy the house in the street and flaunting it as a badge of honour, as a child you pretend not to care, but the memory stayed with me highlighting that I clearly did. As an adult one of my achievements is I bought a 3 bed home for my family at the age of 26 without the help of parents, the council or otherwise. That childhood taunt of being poor making me strive to achieve something that seemed impossible, something I was willing to work and saved exceptionally hard for.

So let your baggage empower you to improve something you never thought you could…

My pride

My hobbit list.

The Wanderer Daily Prompt asked which 5 places you would like to visit. This was such a hard choice for me there are so many things I want to see and do but know they all take time and money. So I thought I would narrow it down to the things I would like to do in the UK. My list did start to look a bit like a hobbit quest but anywhere here we go:


1. Grime’s Graves –

Grime’s Graves is a large Neolithic flint mining complex near Brandon in England close to the border between Norfolk and Suffolk. It was worked between circa 3000 BC and circa 1900 BC, although production may have continued well into the Bronze and Iron Ages (and later) owing to the low cost of flint compared with metals.


2. Stone Henge, Avebury and Silbury –,_Avebury_and_Associated_Sites

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Amesbury and 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury. One of the most famous sites in the world, Stonehenge is the remains of a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. It is in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, including several hundred burial mounds.


3. Eilean Donan Castle –

Eilean Donan (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Donnain) is a small tidal island where three lochs meet


4. Speedwell Cavern in Castleton. –


5. Sgwd yr Eira in Wales. –

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For more info please see my post on this issue. 

Thanks for any help, support or shares you can offer. My heart goes out to you all with thanks. KL

I should be so lucky

N2W Comp no

Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against “the man.” Did you win?

In my day job (when I am not donning my writers’ cap) my whole job is about questioning the system and improving it. I work with very expensive software that still fails to do (what I suspect is) basic day to day functions. I seem to spend every hour fighting the system, testing and reporting it’s quirks. When I am not doing that I spend my time helping the users that seem to ask the same questions; why won’t it allow me to do that, is it not quicker if I do xyz, should we not go with another system? But I suspect all systems have their flaws and a year since installation things are finally settling down. Maybe I can count that as a win. Fingers crossed. Touch wood. I should be so lucky….


I drive me crazy…


Actually many things drive me crazy. I sometimes wonder if I am a little borderline OCD, but I’m sure if I wanted to change I could. My colleagues tend to notice my insane tendencies more than I do, and take great joy in pointing them out or worse aggravating them.

The first thing in my day that drives me mad is usually something small but incredibly irritating, pen clicking! The devil certainly makes work for idle thumbs. Those that sit and continually click pens drives me nuts, if it’s a colleague that is in the office I am quite comfortable telling them but what can you do when you are stuck in a meeting and someone is doing it?

Ok, so having escaped my torment I head to lunch with my colleagues. The canteen is fantastic and finally I relax a little. However, my observant colleagues have now found some of my additional quirks which they enjoy teasing me about relentlessly. These come in the form of crumbs on the lunch table. If I see crumbs I will wipe the table I cannot just sit down, but that is just cleanliness right? However this normally moves onto the napkin holder, the canteen has upright napkin holders which the napkins repeatedly fall out of. I continually put the napkins back in the holder and straighten them, I can’t help myself.

You will probably all think I am completely insane now, but it truly is the little things that drive me the most crazy and I don’t know why, I can block them out but only for so long.

At least habit is a good hobby for a writer to have, even if it does bring out a little gentle teasing now and then.

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