Review of Return (Matt Turner – Book 3) by Michael Siemsen

Return (Matt Turner, #3)Return by Michael Siemsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book straight away after reading Matty, the short story which drew me back into the Matt saga. This is a GOOD read. I loved the first of the Matt Turner stories, the second was a little bit disappointing as the story seems disjointed a little in places. However this story really flew for me and I couldn’t help wanting to know what happened next. Siemsens writing is really back on top form.

The story revolves around Matt and his ability to pick an artefact and read its story. This time the plot is neat and tight and with the artefact being treasures of a long lost library what’s not to love? I love that Matt’s story has evolved in this book too, he is finding himself and getting control of his abilities instead of fearing them. I love that some old characters show up in this novel and that Siemsen has given them stronger roles in this novel.

This is a fast paced story getting to the action quickly, it drops loads of amazing little details and clues along the historical storyline that make this book well believable, in a bizarre way. The settings are immense particularly Alexandria. The ending was great, I felt so thrilled for Matt and still want to know what will happen to him next, although I suspect the author was wrapping the plot up there.

This series really is an odd blend, it is definitely not historical fiction and it’s not paranormal or even sci-fi, but an intriguing blend. An action filled trilogy that is an unusual read. These books would appeal to fans of Elly Griffiths, Phil Rickman, Barbara Erskine or Michael Schmicker type novels.

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