Tile Tales – Cycle

Cycle – By KL Caley – Nature Kit

A touch of spring spirit in today’s Tile Tales. Did you know: Mid-latitude animals born in spring have the best chance of survival. Tropical animals, where food is easily available all year round, are born during any season. For most middle latitude animals, it is a delicate balance between being born late enough to avoid the last snow storm and early enough to be well developed to face the rigors of fall and winter.

❔ Did you know that a group of rabbits in the UK is called a nest of rabbits. Whereas in Canada a group of rabbits is called a fluffle. Which one do you prefer?

Today’s tale was made with the Nature Kit

Want to play along?

I love playing around with the magnetic poetry blocks.
I’m no poetry writer so I prefer to create a short story of sorts.
The kits can be found here (and they are free):

KL 💗

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