2022 has certainly been a year like no other, with many trying to fill in the voids of the previous two years, visits with loved ones, holidays and more have been on the agenda. Yet, life has that sneaky way of throwing curveballs, war and the cost of living crisis fill the news on an almost daily basis. With a terminal illness diagnosis within my family throwing a shadow on our household, it has to say the least been an emotional time… but the light for me, has been you guys. All of you, every week you’re marvellous creations have filled me with joy and allowed me to escape in your enchanting words.

#Writephoto begin on March 3, 2016 by Sue Vincent, after hosting a wonderful little photo that inspired many to wonder what the story behind the image was. This evolved into a new photo being published every Thursday to which everyone added their own wonderful interpretations.

Almost 5 years to the day in March 2021, and after reading a few of Sue’s heartbreaking posts where she described her deteriorating health issues and ultimately informed us she would not be able to continue with the prompt, I reached out and offered to help with the prompt. Sue readily agreed and with her amazing support on the 11th March 2021, I launched my first ever #writephoto post. Sadly, Sue passed away on 29th March 2021 but not before enjoying some of your fantastic entries, and more so, knowing that the prompt she created would continue.

With heartfelt thanks to you all.

So from the bottom of my heart, a great big thank you to all of this year’s entrants.
You fill my heart with joy each week.
Your creations amaze me and you inspire me to improve my own writing.
There would be no #writephoto without you.

Happy New Year and Seasons Blessings to friends old and new!
May 2023 fill your heart with joy.

As always, if I have missed anyone, please do let me know.

With love,