The Pavilion – #Writephoto

The “Hello”

It had started so obviously that it felt natural to them both and neither had questioned. He was from one end of town she another. In between was the park, the pond and more importantly the pavilion. She had never questioned walking alone in the park after dark, it was a different age then, a different time and more importantly, he would be there waiting. Her heart swelled with the memory of their first kiss on the ancient stone, the cool springtime sun setting, the nearby swans retiring for the night and the warm nervous laughter that escaped them both the moment before and the moment after. That laughter was something that followed them all through the years.

sanctuary_snow - image by Sue Vincent
Sanctuary – Image by Sue Vincent


The “I will”

Wet – yes. Windy – definitely. Wonderful – everything she could have wished for. She huffed and sighed as he dragged her around the lake. Cold and wet her wellies, jacket and umbrella were doing little to keep out the rain. Of all the days to decide to visit the gardens was today really necessary. The pavilion loomed over them offering shelter from the weather and they soon made their way towards it. The sturdy structure kept a little of the wind from them although the occasional whip of the wind ensured her cheeks remained rosy red. As he bent to tie the lace of his walking boots, she searched for the easiest way to convince him to leave. As he coughed to clear his throat she glanced down and before her, he held an intricate ring. She gasped and nodded, unable to speak. He stood and hugged her, suddenly the weather was forgotten and in that moment she did not want to leave.

The “I do”

Family and friends had questioned the location. Surely she would want a big church or a fancy hotel but she knew what she wanted for her day. Their intimate ceremony took place in the gardens with the Pavilion providing the perfect backdrop. With the sunshine beaming and the anticipation of the guests building, she arrived. Her nerves calm but her heart fit to bursting. Yes, her day would be perfect.

The “Goodbye”hands

Her feet followed the path that she had walked so many times before and her memories tried to invade the numbness that had been her constant state for over a week now. The memories itched their way to the surface one by one each fighting to flood her with emotions reminding her that she was still here, she still lived and breathed and in her memories, he would always live.

“Grandma” a small voice broke its way into her thoughts.

“Yes sweetheart”, she replied.

“Can we play hide and seek in between the columns, like grandad and I used to?” the eager little voice questioned.

“Of course, Darling.” With her grandchild’s shrill of laughter filling the air she began to count aloud, whilst pretending not to watch the small figure retreat behind the columns. Yes, his memory would live on.

My response to Sue’s wonderful photo prompt. If you want to give Sue’s prompt a go too, head over to Sue’s Page Thursday Photo Prompt – Sanctuary – and join in the prompt. KL ❤

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