Sit Down. Shut Up. Write… joining the world of social media

I have been on wordpress and goodreads a while, but after reviewing a post on Blogging 201 I realised I am a bit behind when it comes to the world of social media.

So taking the bull by the horns as they say I joined medium, I couldn’t believe this was one of the first articles I came across…talk about a slap in the face, which is exactly what I need. Having been determined to write every moment possible at the start of the year, this has dropped off each week until last week when I was lucky if I spent an hour clicking away. Whose fault is that? Mine completely, but I have a whole host of reasons I was ill for several weeks, it was my partners graduation weekend, I have had to work a lot of hours…blah..blah..blah! Time to
Sit Down. Shut Up. Write. Don’t Stop.

I’ve also just entered the scary world of facebook for those who connect through this:-

Any recommendations or tips welcome 🙂


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