#Maydays Prompt – Lessons learnt

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin


For today’s #maydays prompt it’s back to school! Today’s theme is about learning and teaching. Interpret the theme however you may wish.

Remember you can write a memory, short flash fiction, poetry or whatever may take your fancy and pingback here so that I can pop by and visit you. Don’t forget to TAG your prompt #maydays too.

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Cats don’t need towels

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

“Are you ready to travel?” I looked at the kitchen floor at the cat currently making its way around the chair legs. The cat twitched its whiskers and wafted its tail towards me, I took that as a yes.

“Right good, I’ll finish my soup and then we’ll be off”

I stand up, pop the bowl in the dishwasher and pick up my back.dont panic

“Oh wait, I forgot something!” I rush up to the towel closet and pull out a large beach towel.

“It says here in this guide that a towel is just about the most massively useful thing any interstellar Hitchhiker can carry.”

The cat seemed to nod knowingly then returned to its cushion and began grooming itself. Cats don’t need towels.

KL Caley – The Movie

KL Caley - Logo Star Wars Style

The Movie

My life is probably more like a soap opera than a movie, and who knows maybe I’ll write a book about it someday!

My mother is crazy, impulsive and loud. She would have to be played by someone who could pull off crazy pretty well! Perhaps Meryl Streep?!

I think I get my strong will from her.

My dad is the opposite, quiet, intelligent, grounded. He would have to be played by someone who resembles these qualities. Colin Firth maybe?

I think I get my focus from him.

My husband is my strength, he is smart, funny and very outdoors-y. He would probably be my Ryan Reynolds.

I get my sense of adventure from him and also the ability to let things go every now and then nothing in life should be that stressful.

Who would play me? A strong willed redhead who can be stubborn but is generally laid back, well I think I would like Isla Fisher for this role.

Haha or maybe for my husband and I, I am just imagining one of my favourite romantic movies, Definitely Maybe. But who doesn’t love a story with a book giving them their happily ever after!

definitely maybe_jane eyre_book_ryan reynolds

The Funzone for Grown-Ups!

If you were the new leader of your country and had the chance to transform something that’s currently an annoyance (or worse) into a very fun activity, what would it be?

I had to have a think to this one and then realised the answer. For me as an adult I find exercise tedious. That in itself I know is a terrible statement but it’s truly how I feel. The only activities I enjoy are walking the dogs and I quite like swimming (but nowadays find most public swimming pools to be far too busy to be enjoyable).

This was not always the case, I used to love exercise as it used to be about playing, meeting friends and teamwork. For me the answer to obesity is to create a fun gym! Something like a giant soft play with rope bridges, slides, space hopper races, sumo suit wrestles. This could even be themed such as “I’m a celebrity” or “Crystal Maze” with little challenges or clues to find. Who’s with me?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Fun Platform.”

Yey! My prompt got picked! Woohoo!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”

When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?

Quite excited to say todays prompt was my suggestion – Yey! Typical that I wasn’t home on time to get an early response in . Oh well you can’t win them all. 🙂

Part of the reason for this prompt is I am a My writing setupnosey parker! I know there are so many talented writers on here and I wanted to see if people still plan their work, ideas, etc on paper. This is something I regularly do and really enjoy. I like to see my thoughts before me and decide which ones are the best to work with. Does anyone else do this?

I also still write to my godmother by hand about once a month, although slightly worried that I am sure my writing deteriorates each time.

It is actually a slight addiction to handwriting, that Wordsworths Mothers writing deskI think I have. I particularly like traditional scrawls especially those that are loopy or squiggly, than the plain rounded lettering most people have today. I recently went to Wordsworth House in Cumbria, which is the childhood home of William Wordsworth before his mothers passing. I was so pleased to find there was a lot of beautiful handwritten items around the home (as you can imagine), although it was more his mothers household notes and letters to family. His father was a solicitor of sorts so there was a beautiful writing desk like he would have had with a lot of notes on it.

Obviously in the house, it was  imitation pieces or copies, but it is still wonderful to imagine what it would have been like. How many words would have been written by hand then, compared to now? I do suspect it is a dying art to master beautiful handwriting, but it is still something I enjoy. I wonder if in a few hundred years time people will wonder why our generation did so much typing, and be impressed by the fonts we choose. 🙂

Sweet 16 – There is always a boy!

Sweet 16!

Douglas Adams quoteWell perhaps not so sweet. I was never a bad girl. I was in the top sets, got great results and got on well with my parents and my teachers. However at 16 I had romance, I was dating a bad boy. Someone who was not in the top sets. Someone who’s mum drove way to fast with her music way to loud and wore her tops way too tight. He had blonde tips to his dark hair, wore a chain along his with his baggy school trousers and had a tattoo. I simply thought he was amazing.

He wasn’t all bad though. Our first day we spent together, we all hung out at a local skate park. I lived just outside of town about a 2 mile walk from the park and was under the instructions to be home before dark (a common rule in our house). As the night got later we headed back taking a short cut across the farmer’s field. My bad boy and his friend throwing sugar beets at one another while my friend and I giggled happily at them. By the time we got to the end of the field, it was almost dark and I knew I wasn’t going to make it on time. I told everyone I would go the rest of the way on my own and he rushed to my side saying he did not want me walking this late on my own. I refused to let him walk with me, as we spoke rain dancingstarted to spit gently from the sky and I dreaded walking in late and soaked but at that moment he took his jacket off and wrapped it round me. As he hugged it around my shoulders he leaned in and kissed me. My stomach churned with butterflies as the rain fell around us. I pulled away and ran up the path, but when I got to the top I turned and waved, he was still watching.

When I arrived home, I traipsed soddenly into the house expecting to be told off but my mum told me to sit by the fire and dry off a bit while she made me a hot cuppa. My two dogs pranced around me eager to say hello. I buried my face into their fluffy backs trying to hide the smile that was glued on my face. Returning with the cuppa my mum sat on the chair nearest me and asked what I’d been up to. “Just hanging out at the park”, I answered. She nodded her head knowingly. After the cuppa I went upstairs to get changed into my pyjamas, only then did I realise I still had his coat on. How had my mum not said anything? It didn’t matter, I took it off his lovely masculine scent passing me as I hung it up on the back of my door. For now he was my secret, even if I hadn’t been as secret as I thought!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Only Sixteen.”

Horizon – Short Story

Kate looked at the name as climbed onto the deck, The Horizon. Ironic, Kate thought, people talked of sailing off into the horizon, it had never been something she imagined doing. As she got to the top of the gangway, the young first mate took her hand gently, ensuring she was sure-footed. She thanked him and moved away but the warmth of his hand tingled on. She had caught a brief glimpse of his eyes and they’d startled her, she’d never seen such an emerald green. He blushed at her staring and turned his head away causing her to turn too.

She made her way along the deck looking for the doorway she’d been directed to. She paused looking over the side of the ship and back to the land but knew there was no-one there waiting for her.  Yet she couldn’t help but hope she’d hear Michael’s voice shouting over the crowds begging her to change her mind, to stay with him instead. Alas, she turned around, her heart heavy with the thought she would never see him again as she sailed to lands faraway. Gathering her resolve, she lifted her bag and made her way along and through the narrow door.

She checked the glass sign and made her way down the decks to the entertainment lounge, she had been instructed to meet there. Four flights down Kate began to lose her breath, she hoped this wasn’t every day she thought to herself, all the while smile at an elderly couple wandering along the corridor in their bathing suits.

On entering the lounge she could see a group of others with their luggage, so she made her way towards them smiling awkwardly as she squeezed past to find a seat. Within seconds, a loud voice broke over the tannoy informing all staff to report to the entertainment lounge unless otherwise informed by their team lead. There was eye-rolls by the bar staff who never-the-less moved behind the luggage group. Kate couldn’t help but look around and within five minutes the room was packed. A sharp looking woman in a perfectly tailored suit and heels that seemed far too high to wear on a ship walked in and took the floor off the stage. The room fell into an immediate rush and the woman began to talk effortlessly with no microphone.

“Today, we have five new teams starting. I want each of you to take them through the required drills within your area in the next 48 hours. I want no-one looking unprofessional by the time we set sail. You have two days people, those who aren’t up to it will be let go before we get out of this port. Understood?”

The group was silent. “Good. Area Leads take over.” With that, she spun on her shoes and walked away. As she approached the door, the first mate walked to the room.

“Oh, running a little late are we Thomas?”

“Ehhh….” Thomas stammered, but before he could get a sentence out suit responded. “Well done, Thomas. Late and quick witted, you’re a catch.” She nodded her head towards the stunned group. “Let’s hope you can teach this lot to be even better.” With that, she walked out the door in a hurry.

Thomas seemed to recover after she left. and walked towards the group. “Right newbies follow me I’ll show you where you sleep and then we’ll grab some food.” He turned around to leave and Kate hoisted her pack quickly to follow.

“Em… suit lady said we only have 48 hours to learn the ropes. Shouldn’t we get straight to training?”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Well, yeah but I need this job more than I need food.”

He stopped and looked at her, behind her was a small gathering of equally sheepish looking new starters.

“Look don’t worry about Trish. She isn’t the captain and she certainly isn’t the boss. It’s just easier to let her think she is. She’s actually pretty resourceful and does keep things ticking over. But her job here is entertainments manager, nothing serious, so just let her get it out her system, don’t slack off and you’ll be fine.”

Everyone relaxed a little and followed him as he distributed them into tiny twin cabins, with a map, and an envelope that would apparently tell them their roles, responsibilities & an insurance form.

After unpacking, Kate made her way up to the food court. She was surprised to see staff eating in the same areas as the guests. As the other new starters talked away her mind kept drifting. She had always thought this would be an adventure her and Michael would take together. He had seemed to want it as much as her. Her heart torn every time she thought of him. They had been about to start their lives together. She hated him for hurting her, for leaving her, for choosing to stay in that stupid town and for choosing that stupid girl. He had said he’d leave her, that’s why Kate had stuck around for so long. Now she felt stupid.

One of the leads stopped by the new starter table and the others began to chatter excitedly.

“Did you hear that?” the girl sat next to her with the healthiest salad Kate had ever seen, was staring at her enthusiastically.

“Sorry, what was that?” Kate said then quickly put another fork full of pasta into her mouth.

“The lead said there is a party on top deck tonight. Everyone’s invited. Isn’t that exciting.”

Kate nodded then continued eating her heart just wasn’t in it. She knew she should try to make friends try to fit in, but she couldn’t stop her mind drifting.

After dinner, Kate had a long hot shower then while getting ready chatted to her new room-mate. The girl was really nice and had only been on board a few weeks. ‘Long enough to show you how not to get lost, but not long enough to have remembered people’s names’, she laughed in a friendly way, and Kate was starting to feel a bit more settled.

Heading up to the party with her roommate she made her way to the packed bar. She quickly tallied up her money in her bank and realised she really should be sticking to water, but her nerves needed something stronger. Trying to get the over-worked bar guy’s attention. She leaned further and further over, she felt the object behind her move before she heard it, cringing she turned round quickly to see the first made and his very green eyes.

“I’m so, so sorry. Let me buy you another one?” She grabbed tissues of the bar and began to dab his sleeve with them.

He pulled back. “Hey, chill out. You don’t get paid enough here to be that stressed!” He smiled at her and she felt herself blush again. She stood nervously not knowing what to say next Thomas laughed and leaned over the bar.

“Hey Joe, Can we you pass us two bottles down when you get a sec?”

Within seconds the drinks appeared and Thomas was handling a bottle over to her. “Let me pay for that”, she began rummaging through her bag, hoping she had enough cash on her, but Thomas put his hand on hers.

“Look it’s cool. You can grab me one another time, yeah?… You don’t seem as excited about this trip as the others are? You wanna go some were and talk about it, there is a gorgeous view from the tennis courts and no-one’s there at this time?” He sent her that dazzling smile and before she knew what was happening Kate was following him up to the top deck.

“So what’s made you so unhappy to be going on this amazing adventure?” He smirked at her.

“Look I don’t really wanna go into it!”

“So a boy then?” She stared at him hard, this was not how she wanted the conversation to go. “Hey, I’m a guy, we can be jerks, I get it.” He held his hands up in protest.

“Yeah, it’s my ex. We were supposed to be doing this together. I’m not really the adventurous type.”

“I think you are.”

“You don’t know me!” She blurted at him.

“I know you came on this trip anyway. You were the first person to question me on disobeying Trish, you came up here with me all on your own. You took a chance when others wouldn’t. I think you’re gutsier than you gave yourself credit for.” Kate opened and closed her mouth unsure what to say next.

“On the Horizon, you’ll find a new life, a new family…” he leaned over and put his fingers on top of hers. “Maybe even a new person to give your heart to. Someone who’s an adventurer like you.” He winked at her, then pulled away, getting to his feet.

“Fancy a midnight dip in the roof-top pool?” he shouted, then giggling he ran towards the stairwell.

Kate took another swig of her bottle then got to her feet. “Wait up”, she shouted. Then ran to the stairwell laughing after him.

Storm - Elizabeth Edwards quote

Quote by Elizabeth Edwards (July 3, 1949 – December 7, 2010) an American attorney, a best-selling author, and a health care activist.

I hope you enjoy the short story on taking a chance and surviving. I think the plot could have been stronger and Kate is a bit wooly in places, but a reasonable attempt. Enjoy 🙂

Join in the #WQWWC  fun over on silverthreading to read more creative works on the theme “Survival”.


Creatures of the Night

Edvard Munch - the screamI walk along the boardwalk. People all around me seem so much lighter, so much happier. Yet, any second now, they could be run over, shot, stabbed, they could have any unknown disease taking over their body, converting the host to nothing but a pile of ash. Yet they walk on, they smile, they hold hands, they laugh. They know what it is to live. They know their purpose.           Edvard Munch - By the dayMy soul has wandered for 122 years. Not long I guess, in the scheme of things I have many more to go. I know I should take a companion. That’s what my maker told me, I have lured many a mate home, but alas I could not do it. Their life seems too precious. I have watched those I love grow old or ill and die, knowing I could let them live, but the life I have to offer them is no life.                Edvard Munch - Dance of LifeA few weeks ago I began to spot her. Endlessly still in a moving crowd. She stared at me for a long time, but as I got closer, she vanished. I saw her several times after that but always she vanished as I drew close. I got close one night and chased her through the street her red hair aflame behind her. She turned into a music hall and I lost her for a few moments, eventually catching up to her on the dance floor. I stepped towards her, her long lashes blinked large undaunted eyes at me, instead she beckoned me and raised her arms wrapping them tenderly around my neck. Gently we swayed to the music.

“You are the same as me, aren’t you?”

She giggled at me. The sound was beautiful, magical to me, I felt heat flow through my body, something I believed impossible.

“Yes. And no, I have many years on you my dear boy. You looked lost when I first saw you.”

“Yes, I have lost all close to me and wish this curse be gone.”

She slapped me hard. Then as I pulled away shocked she grabbed me and kissed me more passionately than I had ever been kissed. She led me from the dance hall and out into the night, I trailed behind her wordlessly following her every word. We entered an apartment soon to be hers and her mouth once again found mine, I was entranced.

Edvard Munch - The kissThe next day I awoke in her arms, she asked me if I still wished my curse to be gone. I thought about it then shook my head no.

“I was wrong, it was not my immortality I wished to lose, but instead I wished to find a soul mate to wander the earth with.”

Edvard Munch - Two Women on the shore

I have long been a fan of Edvard Munch’s work and believe his paintings hide many, many stories behind them. The perfect inspiration for today’s post. (Images courtesy of google images).

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

Believe in the power of Serendipity

I am a planner by choice. I love to have a plan in place, setting my goals and standards early on. Whether that be my work schedule, our evening meals or my writing tasks. I like to look at something physical and acknowledge that is what I ultimately want to achieve.

That being said life doesn’t always go to plan. One of my favourite words is Serendipity.

serendipity quotes

The word serendipity literally means “happy accident.” You have a moment of serendipity when you run into an old friend on the street, when an appointment is cancelled and you have an hour of free time, or when you get two complimentary tickets to the opening of a new museum. You’ll always have the plan. The question is, will you ever have this opportunity again?

I think there is a rush you feel when something like this happens. My “now” husband and I were walking through a market town a few years ago and playfully I pointed out the beautiful rings in the window. He played along and said to me if I was to pick one which would I pick. I pointed out an unusual little ring that seemed different from the rest. The old jeweller was cleaning the windows and overheard our conversation. He laughed and told us that was a wedding ring he had custom made but that had been re-sold back to them as the couple had split. He asked if I’d like to try it and I said no, we were just playing a game after all. But my husband smiled at me and said I could try it if I wanted. I tried it and fit perfectly. I was astounded. I imagine that is what Cinderella felt like with the glass slipper. Even the jeweller was seemed a little shocked. I took it off smiled and thanked the jeweller, one day maybe. As I left the shop and continued down the street my partner caught up behind me. He was quiet and stunned as was I. A month later he presented me with it. The old jeweller had held onto it for him, asking him if he believed in serendipity.

So allow for the unexpected, unplanned, and hans christian andersen quotesunforeseen events, circumstances, and challenges that come your way each day. If you take advantage of the opportunities that fall into your lap, instead of sticking religiously to a schedule, you’ll make each day one of surprise, spontaneity, and serendipity — and increase your happiness, too!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Heat is On.”

It’s all about I

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fearful Symmetry.”

Challenge: Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

I once took part

In a writing challenge

It really took some time

I couldn’t think of a letter to

Initiate each line

It was something of a dilemma

I pondered for some time

In the end I took the easy route

In mastering my lines

It was a selfish

Indulgence, for which I cannot lie

I cheated just a little bit

In choosing the letter