Why did the sheep cross the road?

I ran across the road as fast as the silly cloven hooves could take me. My ploy had worked. I’d devoured so many of the sumptuous sheep. That little lamb had been best, plump and juicy. It still makes my mouth drool now. The shepherd and his dog had no idea.

Finding my freedom, I glance back then cast my sheep clothing aside, hiding it in a bush. My fur shimmers in the daylight. I am ready for a nap after a busy night. I memorize my outfit’s location so I can have it ready for another night feasting tonight!

Why did the sheep cross the road? Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho

Why did the sheep cross the road? Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho

A somewhat sinister response to this week’s photo – sorry about that! Another great photo from Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo. The responses have been superb and what fun – everyone wants to know what is happening just off the screen! Go check it out for some more 100 word stories! KL ❤


Like Oil and Water

I went all mushy todays Daily Prompt – Oil, Meet Water

But who can deny the power of yin-yang.

My bright blue eyes gaze into his deep green.yingyang
I order the soup, he orders the salad.
I chat idly about my day, he sits nodding silently.
I sip my white wine, while he tastes his red.
 I suggest the dance floor, while he suggests an evening stroll.
I invite him in for coffee even though I drink tea.

I feel our hearts are united and always will be.


Learning from the best




As a writer-in-training one of my current hobbies is absorbing others language and the creative ways they use it, in an attempt to learn the craft from those that have already made it. As a kindle addict this is a bit more difficult than a post-it on a page so I recently began using the highlight tool on kindle (press & hold on the first word until the grey highlight appears and then drag over the sentence/passage you wish to highlight), you can then add a note to help you trace why you highlighted it.

To then retrieve your highlights – log-on to

See an example below from one of my favourite authors, these are two extracts I had highlighted showing descriptive technique.

The Bone Garden: The Wesley Peterson Series: Book 5 by Kate Ellis

You have 2 highlighted passages
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Last annotated on June 27, 2014

Monday morning brought rain – or drizzle to be more precise. It fell in gossamer sheets over the hilly landscape, turning the greens and golds of the September fields to shades of grey.

Note: Weather description

Heffernan was making a great effort to sound professional, detached – but he wasn’t making a very good job of it. The expression on his face betrayed every emotion, every fear and doubt.

Note: description hidden emotion

Anyway, I thought this might be a useful tool for other aspiring writers’.