More chocolate needed…

Remember, remember the… oh wait that has already happened….

timeLately time seems to be against me, I am sure most people fail the same, squeezing everything in seems to be impossibly hard and an endless struggle. The frustrating thing is I always intend to do spend the time writing. I see a lot of inspiring things that I think “I will go home and write about” but then I sit at the computer and time seems to fly with no real reason or the things I was so inspired by no longer seem to fit. I’m not sure what the fix for this is (if there is one) I cannot write in the car or at work.


The only solution I have found so far is chocolate. Yep – finally an article thachoct says chocolate is good for you, granted MARS was involved but at this moment in time I’ll take all the help I can get. If chocolate can improve my memory, it may just  remind me what I wanted to write and why by the time I sit down to the computer.

Cocoa can reverse age-related memory decline | Business Standard News.



Memory Games

strawberry jamShe runs towards me, her face a delight, with the treasure in her hands. Her freckled face is red and sticky and I know she has gorged herself on as many strawberries as have made the punnet. I move along the row to the find a better spot with bigger juicier strawberries as that is her dads favourites.  Focussing on the task I carefully tease the strawberries from the plants hoping not to drop any.
Stopping for a break I look up and she is gone. I scramble to my feet grab my punnets and began to walk up and down the rows looking for any sign of her, her bright red hair should be unmissable.  I start to get frantic, what will her dad think if I go back and tell him I’ve lost her. Tears of desperation begin to streak down my face as I walk back to the car park.
As I approach I hear a shriek of delight come from the farm-house and rush round the corner. There she is, her green wellies sticking up in the air as she rolls around with a bundle of puppies. Another burst of high-pitched giggling escapes her and I call her name. The wide grin and cheeky dimples show she’s enjoyed her moments of freedom. I pay for the punnets and make our way to the car, before we get there the questions out…”Gran, do you think dad will let me get a dog?”
My first memory is of my gran taking me to a strawberry farm, I don’t remember wandering off (although I was frequently reminded of it) but remember with delight the puppies.

Inspired by todays daily prompt – reverse shot

Image from google images.


Walking a mile in your shoes…


Walking in someones shoesWalk with me

I get up and look around me
The sights seem the same
Or do they, what should I see
What’s the point of this game

 My feet start to walk
But I know these shoes do not fit
I wish you would just talk
And I’d help you get through it

I turn round the corner
And see a stranger come closer
I feel my world getting smaller
But they go by and my panic is over

Why am I feeling this?
What has gone wrong?
Is there something I have missed?
You were always so strong.

I continue forward
More cautious this time
Your burden I am carrying
It weighs on my mind

We know we can make it
We’ve been through so much
Maybe not something this tragic
But enough is enough

The end is approaching
Your goal was achieved
I’ve walked this mile over
And now I believe

I know the answer
I’ve walked the mile
I’ve been in your shoes
And I know it’s been vile

But now is the moment
Now you must choose
To open your heart
And let me help you… get through