A Woodland Walk – Flash Fiction

She watched the young couple walk through the woods. She could feel their new love tingle in the air like static, fresh and exciting. She followed them, unseen, unheard, as always. Finally, they stopped.

“This is the place.” He stepped back and swept his arms widely to indicate the trees in the forest.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“This is where I shall build our future home. The builders start tomorrow.”

The wood nymph felt her fury rise, and when the lightning struck the woodland, she felt only sorrow for the plants and trees, but she would heal those later.

Couple in the Forest – Image credit; Shahzin Shajid @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows the scene of a forest. One can see a couple walking in the distance through the hazy fog.

Originally written in response to:

Sadje’s What Do You See – #155

Much Love.



Fitness – Humour

She moaned and puffed and panted and wheezed

She felt the twinge in her knees

She reached further than she’d ever reached before

Then collapsed in a heap upon the floor

She had to push through this, giving it one last try

(even though her whole body wanted to cry)

Every part of her had started to shout ‘ouch’

But she had to stretch for that chocolate that rolled under the couch.

Probably not exactly what Marsha had in mind when she posted this week’s WQW challenge #fitness but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway.

Much Love.


Packing – Flash Fiction

Ally stood in the workshop and stared at the racks of tools and equipment. She’d managed to pack the bedroom, even when she cuddled into his beloved checked shirts. She’d sorted the kitchen cupboard, even when she came across his favourite mug. Even the bathroom, when she’d caught the scent of his favourite aftershave. But the workshop was different. It was truly his space. She let the tears flow freely as she lifted the first cardboard box. The workshop was the chink in her armour and once the hole was established, her grief poured endlessly. God, she missed him.

Workshop – What do you see # 154 – Keep it alive

Originally written in response to:

Sadje’s What Do You See – #154

Much Love.


The Dirty Jobs

Week 1 – Tuesday: The always give me the dirty jobs, the sucky jobs, the ones I’m never going to develop, I’m never going to shine! They are undervaluing me and everything I do. Apprenticeship, they say, like they’re doing me some big favour, apprenticed to these old goons that don’t know their apples from their oranges.

They tried the traditional jokes, we need tartan paint, haha, yeah everyone laughed, but I got it right away, knew they were trying to mess with me. Jokes on them, I took an extra long lunch break to get the “tartan paint” got myself a nice coffee, browsed my phone, got my nails done it was great.

Week 1 – Friday: The twats tried it again with a long stand – seriously, I’m sure these jokes were around with the dinosaurs, so I took a long stand, in the shopping queue, got myself some great new clothes, I’m so ready for this weekend. I wonder what time they let people leave on a Friday? My friend Georgie has got half day finish on a Friday, lucky sod. IF they think I’m working to five they can do one.

Week 2 – Monday – Thank god! One week left. I showed up today in all my new nails and new gear, looking proper smart, ready to be wheeled out in front of the customers, well that’s why I applied here for my work experience. Do you know what those b*ggers had me doing? Emptying their blasted bins, and moving boxes around the stock room. Covered in dust head to toe.

Week 2 – Wednesday – I walked in late today and no-one really noticed. I spoke to the girl on reception (she seems nice enough but a bit mousy) and she said she thought that was me finisihed up! Hah! I wish. I wonder if that means if I took Thursday and Friday off no-one would notice. Probably a bad idea, I need to get that completion certificate and Keira said last year after her work experience they had a whip round and gave her fifty quid! And that was just for waitressing in a cafe. Imagine what I’d get at a place like this!

Week 2 – Friday – Well thank god thats over. I got no fairwell, no pat on the back, no cash, just a piddly handshake from the CEO who I’d only seen once.

Work Experience Report for C Mitchell

C Mitchell has problems with authority and a poor work ethic. They failed to establish any working relationships with the team and at best could be described as idle.

Parents Signature….
Students Signature….

Week 3 – Monday – Bollocks!!! My mum’s going to kill me.

Apprentice jokes – Google Search
I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein.

I actually really enjoyed my work experience (I worked at a local cafe, got to keep my tips and even got offered a Saturday job at the end of it) but I saw this quote and couldn’t resist.

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“When you’re young you think that you’re going to sail into a lovely lake of quietude and peace. This is profoundly untrue.”

-Doris Lessing.
Family – Image by KL Caley



“You can’t keep blaming the bubbles in the water on the fish, you scared them all away when the last collection of bubbles came from your behind.”

“One day you’ll find your own handsome male swan whose bubbles you’ll find endearing, won’t they Darling?”


Originally written in response to one of my #writephoto prompts but re-shared for this short but sweet lake prompt.

Much Love.



‘A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.’

– James N. Watkins

As a writer and an author-in-progress, I adore this quote. I started writing my first novel years ago, having first read a historical account in a newspaper in 2013. The story mulled itself over and over in my head, then persistence gave way and I decided to read more into it. The characters began to speak to me, both the original storyline and a modern storyline which corresponded. I put my fingers to the keyboard and let the click-clacking begin. I had many stops and starts, I got married, attended Uni, and had a baby but still, I am drawn back to the story, which is in the final throws now. I have completed the modern storyline and have a handful of chapters of the historic storyline to go and then “Hallelujah!” my first draft will be complete.

I already have a second story outlined and a third and fourth gnawing away at me (I’ve collated some notes to try to keep them at bay for now). The hardest part, putting my bum in the seat and just writing without distraction, but I’ll get there. Like the river, I’ll ebb away at that rock and hopefully someday, I’ll make it.

Love and best wishes to all those rivers trying to cut their way through the rock. You’ll get there.

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. – James N. Watkins

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The human body is the best work of art…

“The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott

Jess felt like she had been holding her breath for an age. Her breath, her tummy, her neck elongated. Every part of her body felt burning hot and screaming at her to move.

But she needed the money. This was easy money, she told herself. Sit still for a couple of hours in an awkward pose. Just breathe. The artist had told her to breathe in deeply and then breathe out slowly. But I can hardly breathe, she thought. Perhaps it was the hot air. There seemed to be so little air movement in the room.

“John…” she said, her voice quivering. She hated to interrupt him.


“John, I…”

The thud that followed seemed to echo around the room. Pushing his canvas to one side, John rushed over.

“Jess! Oh god.” He took his phone from his back pocket and began to tap in the numbers for an ambulance but the bleeping seemed to cause her to stir.


“Jess, are you okay?” He gathered some cushions and slid one carefully under her head.

“I’m fine, maybe just a bit of water?”

“Of course.” Within seconds, John had been across the room to the sink and retrieved what happened.

“I’m so sorry, John.” Her cheeks flushed. “I remember feeling hot and then, I’m not sure”

“No worries at all, Jess. Do you feel well enough to pose again or do you want to go home for the day?”

The thought of all the bills mounting up flashed through Jess’s eyes.

“No, no. I’ll finish” But as she got to her feet, she wobbled again slightly.

“Listen, Jess. Why don’t you lie back on that couch?”

“No, no. You need to finish your sketch.”

“I do, but Jess, you are so beautiful, I can draw you in any position. Why don’t you lie down for a while and we can pick up the other one another day. Perhaps a day which isn’t so warm?”

She smiled. Gratitude filled her flushed face.

“Thanks John.” John nodded and after a few alterations, he was soon busy behind his easel again.

Knowing she could make her bill payments, Jess finally relaxed. As John looked in her direction, his heart fluttered, he thought she had never looked so beautiful.

Many, many moons ago. Whilst I was a student, I modelled for several life drawing classes. I am curvy, pale, with wild red hair, not the person you would usually typecast to be a life model I am sure. To begin with, I was so nervous, but the class teacher was so lovely, the artists were all so kind, often showing me their works after, that despite the fact I was doing it for the money, I learned quite a lot about body confidence. Before long I was calm and natural (I hope!) and actually enjoyed the experience.

“The human body is the best work of art.”

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Dinner Time…

I’ve donned the apron and the cap.

Added a bit of this and a bit of that

A touch of sugar, a pinch of spice

Time to rustle up something nice

Piping hot, let’s eat straight away,

My family look at the plate with dismay,

“Shall we just order takeaway?”

After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations. – Oscar Wilde

In my family, my gran is the best cook. I am… well…in my mind, adequate. I quite like to cook but I don’t follow recipes to the letter, and I will swap out objects for what I have available, sometimes that works very effectively other times, it can be a bit of a disaster. My husband is the opposite, he stubbornly follows recipes to the letter. Normally I am juggling, cooking, cleaning, shopping, work, childcare, etc, so I am happy to make do with what is at hand.

Who does the best cooking in your house?

Are you a recipe follower or an improviser?

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Much Love.


Intelligence Is Really A Kind of Taste…

How had she got here? Her mother always told her she had the worst taste in men. So she had decided to try something new, so here she was.

She sat across the table listening. Listening… Listening…

Don’t glance at the clock, don’t glance at the clock.

3 Minutes left. Dammit, you glanced at the clock. 3 more minutes being harangued by this guy.

She nodded politely. Took another sip. Another guy with no interesting properties she could quantify.

Why was she doing this to herself?

Blimey, they loved the sound of their voice, didn’t they?


Thank god.

She glanced at the next guy approaching.

“Hi there.”


“Do you want to tell me a bit about yourself?”

“Well, I am Jack,” taps his name badge. “Which is the perfect name as people would refer to me as a jack of all trades.”

Nervous chuckle.

“Oh, that’s interesting, in what way?”

“I’m currently looking into creating a new app that will help low-cost families, it searches the supermarkets’ deals for that week and creates the lowest cost menu for them.”

“Wow, that doesn’t really sound jack of all trades.”

“Well, I’m also gathering together a team of savvy elders who are putting together old-style hints and tips to help the next generation.”

“Wow. That’s impressive, makes my life seem pretty boring. All I do is go to work and come home.”

“Oh, I never asked, what do you do?”

“Oh, I am just a software engineer.”

“Really, you might be just the person I am looking for actually. I do have some software algorithms I’m struggling to figure out.”

“Erm..” she paused.

“You would be helping people and… well, it would be a good way to get to know each other.”


Oh no.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

He smiled and ticked his sheet as she ticked hers.

Maybe she’d finally figured out what she wanted her taste in men to be… and maybe her mother would give her some peace at last.

Intelligence is really a kind of taste: taste in ideas

Originally written in response to:

  • Ragtag Daily Prompt – Peace
  • Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – Harangue

Much Love.


Time to travel

Suitcase packed
Tickets in hand
Ready to head off
To distant lands

Packing is done
The kids were no help
The dog bounces round
With a triumphant yelp

Weather checked
Adjustments made
Won’t let the weather
Ruin our day

Excitement mounting
Taxi due
Ready to see
Somewhere new

Horn from outside
We make a quick dash
Thrusting suitcases
Into the boot with a crash

The laden car lurches forward
With questionable stability
We glance at each other
Is this a liability?

Then over the horizon
Just out of reach
We finally get a view
Of that wonderful beach

Family together
Precious time
These are the memories
That will live in our minds

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Much Love.