7 New year’s resolutions to make your blog more user-friendly

Another Great Post by Sue to start the new year of with a WP Blog spruce up!
I must admit I hadn’t realised you can add a search bar in your own page – great tip I will be looking into.
Great advice to all. Much appreciated. ❤ KL

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


You’ve done all the celebrating, the world is slowly getting back to normal and the Easter eggs are already crowding the shelves of the supermarket (yes, really). Many New Year’s resolutions have already been broken, slightly bent or put off till after the weekend… but there are a few easy ones that you can implement that will make your blog far more user-friendly… you could check off one per day for the next week. Once done, they take care of themselves and help readers make the most of your site.

1. Name
I love the social side of the blogosphere… I love being on first-name terms with people and being able to share a few moments… except, there are a good many bloggers who give neither a name, nor any reasonable substitute. There are a good many people who choose to remain anonymous in their writings, for any number…

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