Review of With Deadly Intent by K.A. Richardson – 4 Stars

I was very lucky to discover this author at a local writers talk at

KA Richardson - Book Signing
Image of K.A. Richardson with her debut novel and novella.

my library. Her passionate for her story-telling came across immediately. Not to mention the fact that she has actually worked in the local crime units described in the book, so her credentials for crime drama are superb. I knew immediately that I had to read her novels and I was not disappointed.


This story follows three characters:

  • Cass a crime scene manager for the North East police force, who along with some awful murders has her own personal traumas to deal with. Shutting herself off from the world and creating her own isolation comes with some very big risks.
  • Alex, DCI on the murder investigation. Alex grows increasingly frustrated with the case and lack of sufficient evidence linking the victims. Alex also finds a conflict of emotions when he discovers he has feelings for the slightly odd, very private Cass.
  • The Killer. The author allows brief looks into the killer’s world and his patient observational hunt, prior to the murders.

I enjoyed the authors writing style in this novel, especially the dialogue it is very well written and doesn’t rely on heavy accents as some stories do to represent regional areas.

My only slight (and it is slight) complaint was the introduction of Alex’s brother, it felt unnecessary to introduce the character at a late stage, it was maybe to get out of the tricky situation or to introduce him for any future novels but for me it didn’t quite sit right for some reason. That being said it didn’t detract too much from the rest of the story which is very fluid and very enjoyable.

Readers of any crime novel will really enjoy these books. The use of a crime scene manager gives this novel a really unique perspective, which makes it stand out in the genre. The closest in author style that I have read is Karin Slaughters Grant County series (medical examiner with a police officer) but it’s quite nice to come across something different written like that (with a slant on the police team).4 stars

Summary – A very enjoyable read, and a fresh take in the crime genre. I am looking forward to reading more from this exciting new author.

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Meet the Author – K A Richardson

I had the pleasure this weekend of attending a debut Author talk and KA Richardson - Debut Readingbook-signing event to support an author that lives locally to me. I have never been to such an event before only ever attending Hay Festival which is specifically aimed at such things, so I was impressed with how much I enjoyed this and how good the talk was. Crime author KA Richardson has spent years working in CSI as part of a large police force so her approach to the novel came across as really authentic. Her books are going to expand into a series but with the character viewpoints changing between the novels.

Her debut novel, “With Deadly intent” is told by Crime Scene Manager Cass Hunt and DCI Alex McKay. When they are called to a fatal road traffic collision in the dead of night, not all is as it seems and the last thing they expect is to end up working on a murder case.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

K.A. Richardson: I’d have to say it’s actually writing – getting the story in your head down in a format that is readable and hopefully enjoyable to the readers – and…moreI’d have to say it’s actually writing – getting the story in your head down in a format that is readable and hopefully enjoyable to the readers – and interacting with other writers and readers too – I love meeting new people and chatting about general writerly stuff.

KA Richardson - Book Signing

So, after hearing KA Richardson discuss her novel so passionately, I am delighted to have bought this novel and the review will follow shortly. For those that follow this blog, you probably realize the last thing I need is more books but who can resist a signed copy when you have met the author in person. I think I am going to have to do one of the closet conversions or something to get the best book space (for those that don’t know what I mean check out the amazingly creative bookshelf ideas here). I definitely recommend attending an author event if you ever get the chance in your area. You never know you might discover a new favourite author! KL ❤

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