I drove home from Newcastle today and the car was showing temperature at 39*🌡 …in the North!

But if nothing else, it’s prompting some great memes – enjoy 😉 .


Richmond Castle in Spring

The British weather

Is quite known

For having a mind

Of one’s own

We certainly experienced it

Here today

Tricked into thinking

Spring was on it’s way

It started with sunshine

Glorious and bright

Followed by raindrops

The weatherman was right

But then came the hailstones

Attacking us so

The only thing missing

Was bloomin’ snow!

Whatever the Weather…

Whatever the weather, we’re in this together.

Whatever the rain, don’t take the blame.

Whatever the sun, we will move on.

Whatever the snow, just let it go.

We’ve had a really interesting week of weather here in the UK (bearing in mind the weather is always interesting to us Brits, lol). Here are a few funnies, I’ve collected from the week:

Blackpool Tower – A tad windy!
When you don't have time to defrost your windows!
When you don’t have time to defrost your windows!
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Checking in!

An eclectic entry, originally written for Linda’s Stream of consciousness Saturday
Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!

If Only They Knew – The Watching Witch #writephoto

She stood against the tower window looking down at the modern streets below. Most didn’t realise she was still there, her hair long and grey now,

The Tower - Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent
Tower Image Courtesy of Sue Vincent @ Daily Echo

her fingers gnarled but her mind remained as sharp as ever. There was occasionally a few who sensed her watching. A witch they called her. She didn’t mind the name really but she liked to think of herself as more of a watcher. She enjoyed the watching.


What they didn’t know was that she had a job to do, an important one, she was the one that changed the weather when she needed to. In the height of summer when the rain came, it was because she sensed the grass was beginning to whither. When the winter came yet a day was warm, it was because she had sensed an elderly lady whose time was not yet up, but that was at risk from the cold. When the grounds flooded, it was to wash a beached whale back out to the sea. Yes, they may not know she was there, they may complain at her powers, or the seasons or the weather, but if only they knew the real reasons she watched and what good she did to their small world. It seemed there was a lot of complaining about her good these days, maybe it was time to take a break, maybe then they would realise?

Originally written in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt – with the amazingly mysterious tower picture (above) combined with my own #maydays prompt. Check them out for a fabulous collection of tales and maybe some inspiration for your own blog too.

KL ❤