Cathedrals, Cannons, and Cuppas in Carlisle…

My husband is just a little angel. When life gets stressful, he knows how to make the world a little sunnier (even on a wet drizzly day).

Today, we headed to Carlisle. The weather wasn’t great but the scenery, tea and cake were all marvellous. Just what I needed.

Thank you for the lovely messages from my wonderful wp friends. I am absolutely fine, just life throwing us a few curveballs.

Take care.

KL ❤️


Tales and Travels – Scotland

Another little holiday snippet.

Today we visited the most photographed castle in Scotland (perhaps the world), do you recognize it?

Castles and canals by KL Caley

We also stopped by Neptune’s staircase, just in time to see this marvellous ship passing through the canals.

Even squeezed in a quick bookshop visit and got a great new historical fiction book signed by the author.

All in all a fabulous day. Although I’m very much looking forward to my own bed and settling back into routine.

Much love.

KL ♥️


Took my little guy to the beach today for some Mama-son time. He really does make me laugh. Whilst drawing pics in the sand, we had the following conversation:

3YO: Mama, Can you draw a tractor?
Me: There you go.
3YO: Great job Mama, now draw a combine

For reference, this was my tractor sand skills: