Review of The Shadow Collector (Wesley Peterson -17) by Kate Ellis

The Shadow Collector (Wesley Peterson, #17)The Shadow Collector by Kate Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As always Kate Ellis manages to weave multiple timeline tales into a single intriguing plot. Ellis brings to life the country lanes, the country farms and pubs of Devon and throws in several murder mysteries into the story to keep the reader guessing at all times.
In this novel the present timeline focusses on a police investigation of a reporter who is brutally stabbed, causing Wesley Peterson and team to investigate. The investigation leads the team to another timeline, 20 years in the past, which involved the murder of two teenage girls (supposedly by a village witch and her mother). This storyline then vaguely ties in with a third timeline which brings in the archaeological side to the novel, this timeline features the story of a suspected witch (named Allison Hadness) who was hanged during the English civil war.
The archaeological timeline I did feel was slightly weak in substance. I think normally Kate Ellis portrays a very strong story as part of her historical timeline. In this case although the witchcraft issue was the conjoined link, the story seemed to include a lot of other more detailed elements such as the sick old man Allison had married and the impending invasion and not so much on the witchcraft theme or even the historic character Allison.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Ellis’s writing style, her dialogue and settings are superb. It is also fantastic to see how the core characters (Wesley, Neil, Gerry etc) are developing throughout the series. Another great read.

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