Review of The Lazarus Prophecy by F.G.Cottham – 5 Stars

The Lazarus ProphecyThe Lazarus Prophecy by F.G. Cottam

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story mostly follows Jane Sullivan, a woman who has worked her way up through the metropolitan police ranks and now heads a police investigation in the murders of several women. When the killer moves from unknown prostitutes to public figures Jane’s investigation takes a serious step up, now in the public eye herself everyone watches her wondering where the investigation will go. Jane brings into her confidence Jacob prior a theologian who tries to translate the mysterious clues left behind by the killer. With links to a mystical religious priory and the Ripper cases, this novel has a lot going for it.
I think this novel with its theological twists would be enjoyed by Dan Brown fans. The writer had a great format that drew readers in quickly to the characters small triumph’s in what was otherwise a difficult time. Despite including the Ripper case and the religious orders secrets, the story still felt very fresh and original.
The main characters were well cast and I think the reader certainly felt part of their emotional journey. I enjoyed the multiple viewpoint story-telling.
I also loved the variety of settings in this novel ranging from the French Pyrenees, the poorest quarters of London, and the wealthier homes as the killer steps up his game. All are explained emotively through the characters. The Iconic London rivers and parks are also woven into the story expertly.
Overall I found this novel an exciting and fast-paced read from a writer that I have overlooked in the past.

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