Review of “The House of Susan Lulham” by Phil Rickman

The House of Susan Lulham (Kindle Single)The House of Susan Lulham by Phil Rickman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Many writers believe the best thing for an author to do is “write what they know”, Phil Rickman proves this is not always the best advice! His Merrily Watkins character is so believable, that even after finishing his novels it is easy to picture her in her daughters’ old jacket, crucifix necklace carefully hidden, cigarette in her hands, neurotically worrying over the right thing to do.
The House of Susan Lulham was originally written as a short story for Oxfam anthology Oxcrimes, then extended into a novella, this is a variation for the Merrily Watkins series which are usually much longer novels. Although the story worked very well and has a strong plot to it, as a fan of the series I missed the interaction with the other characters (lol, Janie, Annie, Bliss etc).
This tale also appears as a little bit more of a traditional horror, with the whole odd house which has once had a tragic death within it scenario. Enter the female deliverance officer (exorcist), and a few dodgy neighbours and the story line is takes off. However there was something that just seemed lacking.
Perhaps it was just the lack of the other characters and their complicated storylines that usually run parallel to Merrily’s storyline. Don’t get me wrong this was a good book and a great read, and I always look forward to the latest Merrily Watkins novels coming out! I am looking forward to the next book with full cast and crew.

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