Technology Tuesday – World Earth Day

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may be aware, Thursday is Earth Day. In recognition of this, this week, I’ve decided to dedicate a post each day with information I have found inspirational or helpful. I’m a big believer in small changes can make a big difference.


Last year, during the pandemic, whilst working from home I realised my use of my Tassimo coffee machine had increased (as I am sure many others have too). I love a nice cuppa, it’s what is often needed to see me through some of the longer meetings or more mundane tasks that just need to be done. Anyway, I looked into recycling the cartridges (which are claimed to be fully recyclable) and was frustrated to find nothing in my area. If I really, really wanted to recycle them I could purchase a recycling box which cost nearly £200, which I am sure most people would agree is not an affordable sum. So, I wrote to Tassimo, recieving a rather half-hearted email promoting the above mentioned expensive recycling scheme and looking into other options.

KL tells tales on TASSIMO.

Undeterred I wrote to my local MP and to my local council. My MP actually chased the company and got in touch with the director. A couple of weeks ago I was pleased to see that the company has now launched a new scheme called PODBACK, where Tassimo and many other cartridges can be sent to be recycled. These bags are free with any order or £3 to purchase separately, which I am sure you can all agree is a far more affordable sum. It’s still not the curbside collection I would like to see in place, or even the supermarket collection (many have bottle banks, battery drop-offs etc, and I still believe if you sell the product you should help the consumer easily recycle it), but it’s a fairly good step in the right direction.

Now I know the die-hard eco campaigners would say, just don’t use the machine, but I am not ready to give it up (yet). Tassimo is already quite a clever little machine, it reads each cartridge individually, knows exactly how much water is needed, how long it takes to brew your drink and the optimal temperature. This way, it only uses minimum amount of water and energy, so far more efficient than most other brewing methods.

So, I have talked alot about Tassimo (other brands available), but I wanted to make my point, if you don’t ask you don’t get, and little things really do make a big difference.

We have a lot of great technology that can help us, help ourselves. We need to learn to use them to their full capacity and hold the companies accountable that produce waste products.

On the discussion around recycling

I was very excited recently to read about Mura Technology and their new Teesside facility. The British technology company’s plant, which is expected to be operational by 2022, is predicted to process 80,000 tonnes of ‘plastic waste’ every year, including plastic waste currently classed as unrecyclable.

It is part of the company’s commitment to developing one million tonnes of capacity worldwide by 2025 – this is said to be equivalent to nearly half of the plastic waste generated in the UK every year.

Find out more info at this fantastic article:

Have you found any small steps you would recommend to others? Or spotted a bit of tech that would help us be kinder to our planet? I’d love to know.

Much love

KL ❤