Whatever the Weather…

Whatever the weather, we’re in this together.

Whatever the rain, don’t take the blame.

Whatever the sun, we will move on.

Whatever the snow, just let it go.

We’ve had a really interesting week of weather here in the UK (bearing in mind the weather is always interesting to us Brits, lol). Here are a few funnies, I’ve collected from the week:

Blackpool Tower – A tad windy!
When you don't have time to defrost your windows!
When you don’t have time to defrost your windows!
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Checking in!

An eclectic entry, originally written for Linda’s Stream of consciousness Saturday
Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!


Stick a pin in it!

So, it happened again…

This week whilst taking the mother for a quick browse and lunch in a local town, I had a few quick glances around the book section of the charity shop. Low and behold these beauties found their way into my basket:

Charity Shop Haul
Charity Shop Haul – Image by KL Caley

How pretty are those covers?

Whilst I love browsing charity shops and second-hand shops for pre-loved books, my to-read bundle has grown quite ridiculous and is now hoarding a whole bookcase of its own (and that doesn’t include the hidden collection lurking on my kindle).

So, for the moment I think I need to pop a pin in it. All book shopping is on hold until further notice. At least until there is one clear shelf on my bookcase!

Anyone else found some pre-loved bargains that they just couldn’t resist?

The To-Read Shelves.

Originally written in response to Prompt for #SoCS – Pin. by Linda G Hill

Enjoy ❤️. Like 👍. Share 😊.

Take Care.


Two Little Letters


That little word of expression
Can fill the darkest day
When everything goes unappreciated
Those two letters go a long way

Thank you, cheers and ta
All do their own little bit
Of showing appreciation
Instead of acting like an ungrateful git!

It winds me up something rotten
When people are not polite
It’s so easy to say please and thank you
Doesn’t take long and makes everything right.

So Ta for popping by
I hope you enjoyed the rhyme
Scribbled for Stream of Consciousness Saturday
So pop by whenever you have time

thank you dog

Hope and Doorways

This door to your past is open

So, if there’s something you can’t let go

If you feel that you need a token

Of that someone you used to know


I’d like to set you a challenge

To close that door on your own

So that next time your past comes a-knocking

You’ll be strong enough to leave it alone


Instead open the door to the future

Good things wait there, that’s a fact

There may not always be sunshine

But there’s new hope and what’s better than that!

Written in response to Linda’s #socs – This and That.

A little late in the day but I hope people enjoy it and find a little hope. 🙂

KL ❤


Grandma’s Night Out

A few months ago my mother arranged a visit down to stay with me for a few days and brought my grandma with her. I have glorious memories from my upbringing are of my mother taking myself (and sometimes my grandma) to the theatre, so I decided it would be a lovely surprise to book a night at the theatre for us. What was on at the theatre?

The Full Monty!”

This was a stage production of the actual movie so not just some sleazy stripping, but let’s face it, it’s still a movie about stripping! What to do? My wonderful plans were already going of course, so I thought sod it! And booked them anyway.

I had a discussion with my best friend and we decided in for a penny in for a pound and her and her mother joined us. Worst case scenario my grandma would hate it and if so my OH happily agreed he would pick her up and take her back home. My mum and grandma arrived and after exchanging greetings and news we sat down to a lovely dinner Darling OH had prepared, I decided this was the moment to unveil my surprise and passed the envelope with the tickets. On opening, my mother thought they were for the pantomime (the theatre company had included an advertisement on the back of the tickets), when I told her to read it again. She burst out laughing and I explained I thought it would be a nice treat and we’d make a girly evening of it.

We got ready, OH dropped us off and we full montymade our way inside. The seats I booked were the cheapest and literally the back row of the theatre, practically in the rafters (I hadn’t thought this through as I have a disabled mother and a grandma with me!) but we got to our seats and waited for the show to start – the small theatre was packed out. Half an hour, my mum and my grandma were giggling along with the rest of us. Nothing to worry about at all. In fact the funniest bit of the evening was my grandma rolling her eyes and saying “yeah right” at one of the scenes, this made my mother and I laugh even harder!..

We now have even more treasured memories of the theatre, although entirely different from those previously.

I wonder if I can book magic mike for next year?…

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