Review of The Execution by Sharon Cramer – 5 Stars

The Execution (The Wintergrave Chronicles #1)The Execution by Sharon Cramer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a medieval thriller set in the fourteenth century which tells the stories of two young men; Ravan and D’ata. Unknown to the young men until they first meet, they are orphaned twins. Each man has lived a troubled life, entirely different from the other and recounts his tale of his joys and his sorrows. Time ticks as one of the young men is condemned as a killer and due to be hanged.
I loved the historical origins of this plot, an orphanage, a farm girl, a priest and a mercenary. Others have pointed out about historical inaccuracies but I think the story-telling was so prominent any inaccuracies didn’t detract from the story for me.
The characters Ravan and D’ata were both well written, if anything they could have been expanded upon as I definitely found myself wanting to know more about their world. Each had their own strengths, their own weaknesses and their own trials to overcome without the story becoming repetitive. Smaller characters were also interesting without detracting from the main characters story too much. There also wasn’t so many of them that it became confusing which is often the case with these dual storyline novels.
This is written very well, the descriptive writing lets you really immerse in the novel and its powerful storyline. The flashbacks by each young man were split and timed very well along you to understand both storylines but never long enough to forget the precious characters section.
I was pleased to find out this is actually a series and I’m interested to see how it continues. As mentioned, a lot of the smaller characters were quite intriguing themselves and I wonder if they develop more in the later books. All in all a really enjoyable novel and a great start to a new series.

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