Worth the Wait – A selkie’s tale.

I walked along the edge of the bay, making my way through the cragged rocks to the house that held my secret, Roane’s House. It had been fourteen years since I first met Roane and I was now approaching my thirties. I had tried to forget him, tried to see other men, tried to live a normal life but my heart returned again and again to my secret boy of the sea. I had decided, I didn’t want normal, I wanted him.

“My soul feels reborn each time I see you; falling in love with you again and again - Steve Maraboli

I waited in our doorway, knowing he would appear any moment. My stomach was fluttering more viscously than the harsh North Sea air as I prepared my speech, my questions. What if he said no? What if he would rather not be with me? I pushed away the single tear that had ran down my cheek at the same time pushing away these negative thoughts. I had to hope, had to dream he would be mine.

As I watched the water lap along the bay, two strong arms wrapped themselves around me. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, then whispered his name, Roane.

“You are more beautiful each time I see you my love.” He said spinning me around and planting a kiss heavily on my face. I couldn’t help the smile that spread itself on my face. “Shall we walk?” He asked his dark brown eyes watching my face intently.

“Of course.”

We spent three glorious days together; laughing, smiling and kissing. It felt like no time at all had passed between us, let alone the seven years since we had last met. All the last day my stomach churned with anxiety I knew it had to happen, I knew he had to leave, to go back to the sea, to his home. But I didn’t think I could take it, I couldn’t wait seven more summers to be by his side. I wasn’t sure I could keep on doing this.

We walked slowly along the sands towards the house. I hadn’t realised I had fallen silent, listening to my haunting thoughts until he interrupted me.

“Are you okay, my love?” he looked at me with those startling brown eyes framed with long eyelashes.

“Roane, do you have to go?” I bit my lip, my body started to tremble. I had thought of so many ways to ask him, to lure him, to entice him and now I had blurted it out. He sighed heavily.

“My soul belongs to the Sea, my love…” he leant in close to kiss me, but I pulled away stifling a sob. I didn’t know why but I started to walk quickly, my thoughts tumbling over one another, my heart breaking. As the outcrop to the house appeared I began to climb, but a hand gripped my arms and turned me around.

“Roane, please don’t, it’s too painful to watch you leave.” I sobbed, but he began to laugh, chiding me.

“You didn’t let me finish my love. My soul belongs to the sea, but my heart belongs to you. If you have me, I will stay.” Those sparkling eyes crinkled at the side into a wide grin. I gave out a small yelp of excitement and threw my arms around him.

“Of course, I’ll have you.” I laughed. “But we aren’t living here.”


Still Waters Photo by Sue Vincent
Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent


Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge LOGOOriginally written in response to Colleen and Ronovan’s fun WQWWC
this week’s theme is rebirth.

The perfect quote seemed to be:

“My soul feels reborn each time I see you; falling in love with you again and again.”

Steve Maraboli

I’m a sucker for a happy ending but if you want to know how it all started visit Roane’s House: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/roanes-house-a-selkies-tale/

Roane’s House – A selkie’s tale.

My mother had told me the legend many times growing up, but it wasn’t until I met him, my secret, that I realised it was true.

We met the day before my sixteenth birthday. I walked along the shoreline, my heart breaking, the tears falling, and my frustration at the unfairness of it all as I recovered from the news that the boy I loved was due to be married to another. As the wind whipped my long red hair into a tangled frenzy and the wet sand beginning to stick between my toes, I decided it was time to head for a bit of shelter and made my way to Roane House. Roane House was an abandoned house that was often under the waves of the sea but when the water was out, as it was today, it was a sacred, mystical place, a tween place, half owned by the land half owned by the sea. It was the perfect shelter for me today to be alone with my troubles, or so I thought.

Still Waters Photo by Sue Vincent
Still Waters photo by Sue Vincent – #writephoto


Sitting in the ancient doorway, I startled when he approached from behind me.

“Do you mind?” Has no-one told you it’s rude to sneak up on someone?” I got to my feet and folded my arms crossly how dare he invade my space unwanted.

He tilted his head to one side and grinned at me. His eyes were so brown and large, the twinkle of glee in them infuriated me further.

“You” he pointed, “are the one in my house”.

“Your house?” I stammered, I had not expected this.

“Yes, I’m Roane and I think you will find this is my house, it has been in my family for generations.”

“But it’s not even a proper house, it’s a shell.” I tried desperately to think of something clever to say, nothing was coming quickly to my mind. “Besides, I’ve lived here for years and never seen you before”.

“Well, we don’t always come here, and I’m not always allowed on the land…” The glint from his eyes dimmed just a little. It surprised me that I hated to see it fade.

“You mean this bit of land? Does your family have a lot of land then?”

“Yes, we travel all over to lots of land.” The twinkle appeared once more. “This is my favourite place, though.” I nodded understanding, it was for me too. A few precious moments of silence filled the air as each of us got lost in our own thoughts.

“Do you want to take a walk?” I asked.

“I love walking!” Roane exclaimed. I looked at him. He truly was strange but his smile couldn’t be resisted, so I giggled in agreement. We walked along the stones to the sea, then along the sandy mounds of the bay. He told me of the sights he had seen, his world seemed so adventurous compared to mine. As the sun set, we walked back towards Roane House. I leaned against one side of the doorway and he nervously leaned against the other.

“It’s late and I should go,” I said, knowing the last thing I wanted to do was leave.

“Well you come see me again?” he asked, his dark brown eyelashes framing his large pleading eyes.

“Of course. Tomorrow?” He shook his head no, then scuffed his feet against the stones.

“No it can’t be tomorrow, it will be seven years before I can return. Will you come see me again then.”

I nodded my mind not really understanding, he smiled, leaned forwarded and planted a heavy kiss on my cheek. Pulling away he grinned, then I watched as he turned and ran along the stone walkway to the water. He dove in head first with a cheer of delight, while I watched in horror. Seconds later a head appeared, although it was no longer that of the boy I had spent my day with but a seal in his place. I paused running along the walkway with him, my eyes never leaving the seal’s face. As I drew closer I noticed his eyes and my mind finally understood. Roane was a selkie. I nodded and raised my hand to wave goodbye. With a splash, he jumped back into the water and swam away from sight.

“See you in seven years, Roane.” I whispered to the sea as I turned and made my way home.

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I combined Sue’s beautiful image from her #Writephoto challenge with today’s WQWWC – Inspiration with the fabulous quote on old myths, to create this mythical piece of fiction. I loved the themes combined and hope you do to.

Much Love
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