Review of Rush of Blood by Mark Billingham

Rush of BloodRush of Blood by Mark Billingham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While on vacation a young girl goes missing and later turns up murdered. Three couples who met while on holiday all appear to have nothing to hide and nothing to do with the crime. But as each person is questioned, gaps in their stories appear. Could one of them have committed the unthinkable? If so, which one.
The concept of this book was great and I thought it would be a great read. I like Mark Billingham’s writing style, it is quick paced and adapts well to each characters side of the story. Although I couldn’t decide if it was deliberate choice of the writer or not, but none of the characters in this book were likeable and although I kept reading to the end it was out of determination more than enjoyment. I got to the point where I really didn’t care which of them it was!
I couldn’t help thinking this could have been a much more interesting story. It had a solid foundation and a lot of quirky little details that could have really brought it terrifyingly to life, any one of these people could be your neighbour, co-worker or even friend. However it started to feel dull and repetitive, it took quite a long time for any interesting details to be revealed, in fact throughout most of the middle of the story not a lot really happened.
This story had a great concept and I think it could have been excellent – Linwood Barclay has written similar storylines that have worked out very well. However the characters weren’t great with no-one to really champion or care about.
Bit of a disappointment (from a Mark Billingham fan). All round okay read but could have been great!

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