I Write For…

“When she was doing other things—schoolwork, chores, exercising—Madi had to work to keep herself interested. Writing was the opposite. Finishing a blog always left her more ‘full’ than empty.”

― Danika Stone

I write for myself,
I write for my pleasure,
I write to create
Something I can treasure.

I write to have been
I write to be seen
I write to meet others
Whose knowledge I can glean

I write for expression,
I write to escape,
I write to explore
The ever-changing landscape

I write as my passion,
I write to feel free,
I write to show the world
A little piece of me.

When you enjoy what you do, work becomes play. Martin Yan

Why do you write?

My friend Hui told me the greeting for Chinese New Year is “Gong Hei Fat Choy” (apologies if I have got that wrong) which I think translates to something like “wishing you prosperity”. So to all those beginning the Chinese New Year Celebrations for the Year of the Tiger, I wish you prosperity.

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Happy St. George’s Day

Happy St. George’s Day everyone! Are you doing anything to celebrate it?

St. George’s Day image

As a Scot, my family love St Andrew’s Day, yummy food, sometimes questionable music – haha, and most importantly time spent with family and friends. My English friends don’t seem to do much for St. George’s day, hence I thought I would extend the question out there. I’m thinking cream tea or fish and chips should become the St. George’s Day dish (unless there already is one I am unaware of).

Do you have a patron saint or equivalent, with a special day for celebrating? Does your family do anything special, or even do you eat something specific to celebrate?

I think it’s sad St. George’s day and the flag has become somewhat synonymous with right-wing groups and football hooliganism and ruined it as a day just to celebrate with family and friends. I am very sympathetic to those who would like some form of celebration but feel they can’t. Some of my family are Irish and the thought of not celebrating St. Patrick’s day is practically sacrilege – lol.

St George’s story cards.

A bit about the legend of St. George:

St George is most widely known for slaying a dragon. According to legend, the only well in the town of Silene was guarded by a dragon. In order to get water, the inhabitants of the town had to offer a human sacrifice every day to the dragon. The person to be sacrificed was chosen by lots. On the day that St George was visiting, a princess had been selected to be sacrificed. However, inevitably he killed the dragon, saved the princess and gave the people of Silene access to water. In gratitude, they converted to Christianity.

It is thought that the dragon represents a certain type of pagan belief that included the sacrifice of human beings. Possibly Drivel but who can really tell.

Source of: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/uk/st-george-day

Included Prompt words inevitablesympathetic, and drivel.

Whatever you chose to do, I hope you all have a great weekend.

Much Love,
KL ❤