Let’s hear it for the Hudson

Normally when I do the weekly #writephoto round-up, I give a little info about the image and its origins. I had a more important message to share this week so missed giving over the details but the wonderful Di, from Pensitivity noticed and prompted me for more info on the photo.

Plane – Image by KL Caley

This remarkable plane is a WW2 Hudson plane replica statue situated at Silloth-on-Solway. It’s a beautiful statue and all the flowerbeds around it are stunning too. Built to commemorate the town’s involvement in WW2.

Tragically, a large number of Lockheed Hudson aircraft and their crews, who had crashed during take-off or approach to the wartime airfield of Silloth ended up in the Solway, resulting in it being renamed locally as ‘Hudson Bay’.  A moving poem entitled ‘Hudson Bay’ was written by Tim Barker.

There is a wonderful website here – https://sillothairfield.wordpress.com/ which captures a lot about the history and people’s stories (with drawings, images, etc too). Well worth a browse and my applause goes to all involved, the stories area particularly is very moving.

Take Care All.

KL ❤

Dance your last dance… – #writephoto

The firelight dancers singing their songs, chanting their chants, waiting, waiting, waiting.


The music starts up again, this time louder, the calling more frantic, more desperate… waiting, waiting, waiting.

Nothing. He still would not appear.

The head of the great circle walked to the centre. All eyes were on him. He nodded to the drummers. They lifted their arms and with a great bang, the rhythm started. He indicated to those on other instruments to join in. The music filled the air and indistinctively the others joined in the great chant, singing and wailing, the noises filling their very soul. The head indicated it all to stop. Stunned the music around him dropped out.

He gave a great scream out into the night, they waited and watched. Masked Figues - Eve image by Sue Vincent

From behind him, a great roar, a shadow appeared and then the figure with the glowing eyes stepped forward. The head fell to his knees and crawled to the edge of the great circle once again. The drummers started drumming, the singers started singing and a great cheer broke through the crowd.

He had arrived.

No-one noticed the head collapse onto the floor. His body now a shell, his soul sacrificed to the great one.

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s prompt – #writephoto. You can join in this weeks image or have a gander through the many interesting posts inspired by this wonderful photo by clicking here.

It’s been a long time since I took part in these challenges (or indeed have done any writing) and I am certainly feeling rusty but I enjoyed flexing those writing muscles and having a go.

KL ❤

Secrets – #Writephoto

Rebecca stood alone in the room.

The dirt on the floor, the bare walls and the light streaming through the window faded into the background as images began to play to her.

A woman, like her.


Secrets photo by Sue Vincent


Cowering in the corner of this very room.

Rags covering her frail body.

The window providing the only light in the room.

Yet her eyes shone.


Or Madness?

As the images began to fade, Rebecca turned and left the room in search of her husband and the estate agent, she had decided to take the house.

She had to know its secrets.

Originally written in response to Sue Vincents #writephoto – Secrets. I’m a little rusty having missed a few challenges but I hope you enjoy anyway.
Use the image to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by noon (GMT) Wednesday and link back to Sue’s post with a pingback. KL❤

Where there’s a Will there’s a Way

I thought my pursuers had cornered me.
The darker the night got the more I seemed to get lost in the woods.
Then the Will appeared its light floating in the air, just out of reach.
Trusting my instincts, I followed it.
Each time I got close, it moved away directing me through the darkened woods.
Eventually it led me to an abandoned mill – I crawled beneath the wheel and hid.
When my pursuers came, they searched but no-one noticed the little entrance the Will led me too.
I was safe.
I now knew my grandfather was right – they existed.

The light at the Mill - Sue Vincent
Image Courtesy of Sue Vincent @ Daily Echo


Another great photo from Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo, in 100 words or less what is the glow? Go check it out for some more 100 word stories! A little tribute to my Grandfather this week, he has been in my thoughts, particularly with St Patricks Day – I think he would have liked this tale. KL

Going Deeper Underground

Millie glanced inside. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, but she wasn’t unafraid of it either. From behind her, her brother began laughing. “You’re too scared.” He mocked.
Stepping inside, Millie was in complete darkness, her eyes struggling to adjust. Grit fell around her with every step. She swiped away the roots that touched her like long lingering fingers.
Further inside, one wrapped itself around her foot. Behind her, the entrance was no longer in sight, just shadowy darkness all around her. Millie bent down to free herself. Outside the cave, a piercing scream echoed around her then stopped abruptly.


Tunnel Underground by Sue Vincent
Underground Photo – Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho


Another great photo from Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo, in 100 words or less where does the tunnel lead? Go check it out for some more 100 word stories! All feedback gratefully appreciated. KL

Why did the sheep cross the road?

I ran across the road as fast as the silly cloven hooves could take me. My ploy had worked. I’d devoured so many of the sumptuous sheep. That little lamb had been best, plump and juicy. It still makes my mouth drool now. The shepherd and his dog had no idea.

Finding my freedom, I glance back then cast my sheep clothing aside, hiding it in a bush. My fur shimmers in the daylight. I am ready for a nap after a busy night. I memorize my outfit’s location so I can have it ready for another night feasting tonight!

Why did the sheep cross the road? Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho
Why did the sheep cross the road? Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent @DailyEcho

A somewhat sinister response to this week’s photo – sorry about that! Another great photo from Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo. The responses have been superb and what fun – everyone wants to know what is happening just off the screen! Go check it out for some more 100 word stories! KL ❤