The night before…

The skeletons rattled,

their fingers began to tap

Eager to be released

From their coffin trapped

The ghosts began to wail

Their voices growing loud

The mummies began to mumble

From deep within their shroud

The wolves began to howl

It could give you quite a fright

Because it’s only 24 hours

Until Halloween night

Ding, dong, the witch is…alive?¿

Hope you are all having fun this spooky season? We’ve had another weekend full of spooky shenanigans, even a swimming lesson with some inflatable pumpkins. 🎃

How things have changed since my youth of a bin bag with holes for a costume! 😂



Spent the day getting our home clean

As we’re having a party for Halloween


We’ve grown our pumpkins on our plot

For the little ones to pick their lot


We’ve got reapers, witches and the odd ghost

Ready to play the perfect hosts


Tables filled with all things sweet

Waiting for those who trick or treat


Hope you have the perfect day

And a little fun spookiness comes your way


This weekend, I had a rare night out! I had the pleasure of attending the hen party of my soon-to-be sister-in-law.

After two hospital visits in two days with two different relatives, last week, I was more than ready for some joyful times and a little boogie too.

Party Ready 🥳

Being the history geek that I am. I had to look up the history of the Hen Night and it turns out it is a Scottish Custom. Although I must say I’m glad I didn’t spend the evening plucking hens 🤣.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Take care.

KL ♥️