How not to start the New Year!

New Year New Me?

Not exactly how I intended to start the New Year, my eyes flickering awake, my face sticking slightly to my pillow from the drool and snot that the flu had brought with it. Looking into the mirror I wished I hadn’t! I stare longingly at the sparkly dress I’d intended to wear last night. I’d wanted to start the year with a bang not celebrating with a cough, feeling festive with a fever or salutations with snot!

Fluffy robe on, I padded downstairs to let the dog out, at least he seemed quite impressed with the barking sounds I was making. More purple gloop needed, I decided. I pour the medicine out onto the ridiculously awkward little spoon and my stomach gives an involuntary gurgle at the purple drink it’s about to receive. I make a cuppa and hot water bottle returning to the warm bed, after a few minutes the fever rebels and I toss all blankets aside and stick my head out the window. Closing my eyes I savour the cool crisp fresh January air and start to feel slightly better.. if not now a little cold.

“Morning,” a cheery voice floats up to me and I open my eyes to see the neighbour out at his bird feeder. My brain quickly does a survey of what it thinks I look like; red nose and eyes, hair sticking out like I was born part cactus and please tell me I’ve got my dressing gown on! The results aren’t good. “Happy New Year, Charlie.” I quickly croak a reply and try to calmly close the window before quickly scurrying back to the duvet. Maybe next year…


In Response to FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #7 & Daily Post’s Stroke of Midnight.