My Bucket List for 2016

My Bucket List for 2016

I am pushing myself this year, not in a one big New Year’s resolution that I will be abandoning when the going gets tough, (as per all my previous years! 😦 ) but in a collection of small steps (well that’s the plan anyway). I’m also lucky in that my OH and a few of my friends are trying to do some of them too so hopefully that will all help.

  1. Got 7 Chapters to finish – Then the first draft of my novel will be complete!
    I had intended to achieve this before the end of 2015 but it hasn’t happened so it is something I need to focus on in 2016. I already have ideas for another novel brewing in the back of my head. Before they take too much shape I want to finish my first one. My BIG mission is to get it through re-drafts and published before the end of 2016 but I am aware that is a big step. I’d rather start with the little step and see how I progress.
  2. Get Fitter
    I know this is very much a resolution-y type of thing and I have managed to pile on a lot of weight in 18 months, but I don’t want that to be the driving factor for this point. I want to feel fitter. I want to be able to try some of the adventurous activities my partner does such as mountain biking without the fear that I won’t keep up. I want to take my niece swimming and know that if she wonders off I can more than run after her. The thing is I could probably do these type of things now but I don’t feel confident enough in my fitness to be sure. So that is my goal (hopefully some weight loss will be an added bonus).
    run funny
  3. Eat Healthier – AKA Stop the Veg-dodging!
    This is tied to goal 2 slightly as I have mentioned my weight is an issue. That being said, I know the main reason for this is my diet (or lack thereof). I am a notoriously fussy eater and always have been, I got away with it as a child as both my parents are fussy eaters also and have only improved it slightly as an adult. Give me pizza and pasta over fresh veg and salads any day. This is a lifestyle choice that unfortunately I do succumb to, working full-time it is also usually the easier option to have such things, than to start preparing healthier alternatives but it is detrimental to my health and I know it.
    You are what you eat
  4. Simple Savings
    This is an idea I stole from Facebook and it is one of the things I am more likely to give up but it’s worth a try. The idea is you put a £1 in a jar and increase it each week, so week 1 you’d put in £1, week 2 you’d put in £2, week 3 = £3, etc. This equates to over £1000 in a year and apparently because it’s developed as an incremental habit you are likely to push yourself once it gets to the higher tougher numbers. My OH and I will do this for 48 weeks (not the 52 stated). We also discussed if it is getting difficult by the halfway point we may do two lots of 26 instead. So our goal is simply to save in a fun manner, whichever way is easiest for us to do this. 🙂
  5. Read (& Write) More
    I managed to read and review over 50-odd books last year (still working on the final numbers as I play Christmas catch-up). This is around 30 more than the year before! Which I am quite proud of. In 2015I signed up to the local library and made use of it, found some great e-books from authors right here on WordPress and visited a load of independent bookstores and Hay festival. It was also the first year I have given a serious time to writing up book reviews on those read, hopefully these are useful to other readers but what has been really awarding is having some authors of the books contact me about the reviews. I hope to continue and improve on these numbers. Of course, I also intend to blog and read others blogs a little more too. It is always a tough choice between time spent reading and writing and I’m never sure which to dedicate more time to as I love both. So I am hoping I can combine them as often as possible to get a happy medium. 🙂

What’s on your bucket list for this year?

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