A night of laughter with friends

Is there anything better

Tears of joy rolling down your cheeks

Getting wetter and wetter

You try to stifle the noise

But a dreaded snort comes out

That sets you all off again

And has you rolling about

The noises escape

And your tummy aches too

If this continues

I’ll need to run to the loo

I’ve just spent a fabulous night laughing with an old friend. We laughed so hard, I couldn’t take it anymore. My bladders not what it used to be, when I said that it just made us laugh more. 😆

When was the last time you enjoyed a real laugh?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I already wrote quite a soppy post a few days ago on what it means to feel loved. But one of the things my OH and I love to do most is to laugh together (despite having quite different senses of humour). So, I’ve gathered together a few funnies. Enjoy.

If Mum’s made candy hearts…

If Mom’s made candy hearts

Advice on dating a twin…


Choosing the right gift is always difficult…

It’s important to take turns…

Taking turns

Doing things together can be fun…

Password – funny

And if you’re single, don’t worry about it…

Cucumber anyone? – Funny

Whatever you do, I hope you have fun.

With Love from KL Caley

Joy, Laughter, Happy Thoughts – Time to Change

A little joy, a little laughter

Is sometimes, the stuff I’m after

A little bravery, a little courage

Someone to stop me, being discouraged

A thoughtful comment, a pleasant smile

A little thank you, once in a while

Happy thoughts, that special place

Those negative thoughts are such a waste

Fear takes its form, in many ways

It’s often hard, keeping it at bay

Yet positivity can, be so rewarding

Stopping those fears, that you’ve been hoarding

Change can be made, with little steps

Making the decision, not to fret

Stop the panic, forget the fear

Reach out for your future, it is here!

Changes - Dilbert

Lewis Carroll_Alice in Wonderland_different yesterday

Originally written in response to todays WQWWC topic “Change” with
my favourite quote about change by Lewis Carrol. With a little help from Dilbert, Linking it back to my #Maydays Challenge post on Laughter! Much Love. KL ❤

#Maydays Prompt – Laughing all the way

laughing quoteI know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.”
― Herman Melville

For today’s #maydays prompt an easy one – let a little laughter fill you life (and ours) – time to make us laugh.

Remember you can write a memory, short flash fiction, poetry or whatever may take your fancy and pingback here so that I can pop by and visit you. Don’t forget to TAG your prompt #maydays too.

Maydays logo

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Lost Passport – ladyleemanila

[Flash Fiction] The Answer Is Always Yes – Jade M.Wong

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Thanks for taking part. KL ❤





When you have a dog in your life…

…there is always reason to laugh!

A Bit Long in the Tooth

Our oldest little woof, is now over 11 years old
Not a hugely old age, for a mongrel I’m told
But changes have started, life’s taken its toll
And some of these changes, are starting to show

It started around the eyes, (as most ladies will know)
Although it isn’t wrinkles, that started to show
Her patches were once a lovely deep brown
But they’re now speckled white, with the odd grey around

She’s a lot more tired and, loves nothing more than a nap
(and I must say, I’m a bit envious of that)
But when she curls up, into a nice doggy dream
She snores the house down, ’til I’m ready to scream

She’s always been the boss, the one to lead
But her direction is off, causing laughter indeed
On her daily walk, she caused such a lark
By charging at the poo bin and proceeding to bark

There is also the incident with the sneaky lamppost
That must have snuck up beside her and said boo like a ghost
She didn’t like it, not one bit
And gave it a good barking too, she looked such a…ditz

Another walk lately was a scene quite mad,
She had heard the rustling of a carrier bag
Assuming it was an enemy, she set off on foot
Disappointed at the outcome, although it was such a hoot

So, time has come, to keep her on the lead
It won’t be easy and she won’t be best pleased
The problem with her craziness is it’s me that looks mad
Laughing alone in a field with a dog and a bag!


Millie asleep
Catching up on a nap!


Originally written in response to #WQWWCLaddie - Dog laughter tail
by Colleen and Ronovan over at Silverthreading. Check it out for more inspirational writing quotes with today’s theme “Laughter”. Hope my attempt gave a few more people a giggle. KL ❤

To have a baby or not to have a baby – that is the question!

180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you changed your views on something?

“So, when are you having children?…”

The fearful saying that haunts every newly married couple. I got married because I adore my partner and can’t imagine my life without him in it. I must secretly confess to being somewhat of a hopeless romantic, this is a recent revelation I would have completely denied it before!


I am NOT the modern day love-struck that most people my age are, we don’t take copious amounts of selfies together, I rarely remember to text him, never mind the “just because I love you” soppy ones, and we have completely separate hobbies, so unlike a lot of couples I know, we do not do everything together.

So, where does the soppy-ness come in? Well, the thing we do together, is laugh, alot. I will see something and can’t wait to tell him. Or I will hear a song on the radio and picture him caveman dancing to it and I will laugh. He equally challenges me even when I am in full-on nag mode, he tucks his hands under his arms and imitates a duck (as apparently that’s what I sound like when I nag) this doesn’t sound a lot but as I chase him around the kitchen trying to swat him with a tea towel all tension is lost and we usually end up in a heap on the floor giggling, with the two dogs springing around us madly. It doesn’t sound a lot but it works and has done for seven years now.

laughing quote

The thing is I am approaching 30 and although only married for a year, the beady little eyes of mothers and grandma’s are on us waiting for that tell-tale bump to appear. Heaven forbid they found out I am on a 3 year implant!! But it seems all around me this is the norm, I should have already have had kids? Even today the telegraph had as its feature article Senior NHS doctor tells women ‘have baby before 30’.

biological clock funny

I’m just not there, my clock is about 90° but it’s not quite at the 180… maybe in a few more years…

Happiness in Hay

I have been a lover of literature ever since… well, does Spot the dog count?

Books have played an enormous part of my life for as long as I can remember and this year I took on the monumental task of writing a novel that has been buzzing around in my brain for the last few years.

Along with my final leap into writing I discovered that I love blogging!  That daily link with people all over the world, getting to share the knowledge you’ve learned and getting to know a bit about their world too.

This progression lead me to my love of literature of the modern day and my enthusiasm to go absorb all the UK has to offer. hay festivalThe “big cheese” of this is of course Hay Festival. Held in one of the most beautiful parts of the world the Kingdom of Hay-on-Wye. Population – approximately 1500, number of book shops – 25, and a book festival attracting over 100,000 visitors. I signed up and at first the tickets I selected were unavailable, so I forgot all about it until a week later an email landed in my inbox. I immediately booked, booked a hotel and a few months later we were off!

I had no idea what to expect, I’d never even attended an author book signing or a creative writing class. Would I like it, would it all go over my head? With hope in my heart (and a fold-up backpack in my handbag for all the books I was sure to buy), we headed in.

The town was amazing, banners and bookshops everywhere. With the sun shining brightly and musicians playing music in the streets, we were all in the mood to party. After a quick lunch we headed along to the festival site.

A quick scout around the tents, at first I must admit we were a bit disappointed, the town had been so fun and lively, the festival seemed a bit..well..drab. There was nothing (free) going on such as music, readings, or even group activities. We wandered around a few of the stalls, then grabbed a cuppa, tried to head to the one bookstall (at a book festival) but it was so packed and Stephen Frywarm and stuffy that we had to leave. The town had offered all this and more.

Eventually we started watching the shows we had paid for, at this point the festival truly shines. The star attraction for me, though it may seem cliché was Stephen Fry. He was truly amazing and gave the most, inspiring, heartfelt and honest answers that my partner and I both left the show in Awe! Although his new book has mixed reviews on amazon, hearing him discuss this and many other things I would now purchase it. More than that I now would like to have the audiobook of it, an area of books I have never before books & teadabbled in.

Finishing up the evening we had the joy of going to see comedian Jason Byrne. He was amazing and after a day of constant intellectual stimulus, getting the opportunity to sit back with a drink and just have someone make you laugh (until I had tears streaming down my face at one point!) made this trip a wonderful, memorable, joyful occasion.

This has been the highlight of my summer this year. My advice to anyone would be, if you think you want something, go for it! Throw yourself all in, you’ll be surprised were the journey will take you!